Thursday, June 11

Bone Bug

I just finished creating this bug made of bones today, inspired in a round about way by my participation in The Artist Challenge group.  Each month this diverse and talented group of artists picks a theme to create artwork around, which is for sale, and is displayed en masse at
It's a democratic process, ideas are proposed and then voted on, and when June came around this month the firs thing that popped into my mind was June bug - which I didn't take literally - I only thought June...Bug.  Bugs in June - I'll use any excuse to focus on bugs.

and Bones

So it only seemed natural that I combine the two!  The best part, which the pictures don't show, is that the bottom set of legs move, still in natural delicately attached hinges.
The bones are mainly attached with encaustic wax, with a few reinforced by fine brass wire.
Click on any photo to get a close up view.


  1. Whoa!! This is Ultra COOL!
    Glad we connected in the blog-o-sphere. Great work ~Alicia

  2. Your bugs are amazing, Karin ! delicate and perfectly "insect".

    Happy Thursday !

  3. hey karin!
    that's so strange - i found one of the animal bones you gave to paul, for his 8th grade recycle project... while i was cleaning and packing up my classroom - serendipity! these are cool.

  4. thanks Alicia - likewise! your work on the Art House Coop site is wonderful, but then I was really happy to find your blogs, too!!

    Hi Kim, thank you!!

    Hi jennifer. yes, the central bone is the same style, which I must have several dozens of, after getting a box full from my mother who had a storm load get washed up along her beach one year after a storm. I've added about 13 more bones to the body of the "crucifix bone" like I sent you, to create this guy.

  5. wow unreal Karin. There is nothing you can't do.

    I love your comment and especially how you called her No. 29.

    You are awesome.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  6. Love these June Bugs. I am a collector of bones, always feel like I am shopping when I take a walk in nature. This is a fantastic bone expression.

  7. I was just wondering this morning what you were up to - what am amazing bug, I love it.

  8. Very cool June Bug!

  9. Wow! This is impressive!

  10. Remarkable creative energy resonates from these. Hard to put it into words. Nice to know one does not have to:) Feel the love...curiously, I have a sister with bug phobia. She used to receive bug-themed gifts from friends and family as attempts to help her overcome the fear.

  11. I *LOVE* him/her~

  12. thanks Renee, I hope you and #29 are having a day full of dancing and singing to your heart's content!!

    Hi Katherine, that made me smile, thinking you were doing the ultimate green shopping, collecting bones in nature's department store :)

    Hi Whitney-Anne, thanks for visiting after your wondering!! I really had fun bug building - glad you like it!

    Hi Robyn, this bug is about 7 inches/18 cm long, and approximately 2.5 inches/6.5 cm wide as well as deep - hand sized :)

    Thank you Manon!!

    Hi Liara, I am so glad I've never had a bug phobia! I find them too fascinating - and some are so beautiful. My first "big girl" book was an insect encyclopedia - I'd spend hours with that thing! and my first "pet" was a beetle! Sounds odd, but I think bugs and my observing their world were a big part of my imagination development as a kid :)

    Bone Bug loves you back Cynjon!! thanks :)

  13. Karin why don't you become a sister. Can't we have you too?

    Nadalene and I were holding the prayer book yesterday and she started crying.....

    Thank you.

    Renee xoxoxo

  14. Everyone would go crazy for you. Even if they knew you made bugs out of bones. xoxoxo

  15. How could anyone add to this great group of comments let me simply say that...
    you send me

  16. and I say ditto... and I really should get back to that bone bookbinding...


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