Friday, June 5

June 4-5

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  1. Very beautiful Karin.

  2. The word cocoon flashed into my mind. Now why did I think I looked it up in the dictionary.
    ...a silky sheath round a chrysalis; a protective wrapping.
    Looking at the enlarged picture and seeing all the asemic writing makes me think this was a meditation. May you feel protectively wrapped in healing light Karin.

  3. I love,love it! it makes me think of a tree growing and learning as the years pass by

  4. This is stunning. It almost looks like fabric.

  5. Its wonderful. I like your blog, I love to draw symbols, would really like to be as creative and artistic as you are

  6. Incredible intricacies that truly come to light when you enlarge the image. Love this piece.

    I haven't been blogging of late, spring keeps me outdoors in the gardens, both flower and vegetable...Still I do check out my favorite blogs!

    Take good care of yourself!

  7. thank you zom.

    Robyn, you have captured perfectly the feeling I was trying to convey and have been feeling as we experienced a very rainy chilly week that seemed to penetrate the fibers of my being. as I wound my way around the page I was indeed spinning a cocoon of meditative warmth and comfort for myself that I hoped to share - thank you.

    thanks Robert!

    Hi Deb, I like that idea, of building the rings as layers and years, like a tree... this is a process that does take a lot of time! Especially when I paint rather than write the calligraphy out, as I did here.

    thank you Seth. The pages have begun to ripple in a fabric like way! it's a fortunate quality - you just never know what things will do over time in an altered book :)

    thank you so much Devpriya. I am sure that you have a creative quality and spirit like no other, and I am glad if I help to inspire! I find the drawing of symbols so meditative, don't you?! They have become much more beautiful than they were early on, as my hand has grown used to it's own 'language'...

    Hi SOnia! I know what you mean - this spring time energy is making me too restless to spend much time behind the computer, too - even though I haven't been in the garden or outdoors much, the energy is shifting around! Glad you came for a visit though :) happy growing out there in the sunshine and earth - I hope you'll get some more photos up to share soon!

  8. Wow, a glowing sun found deep within...

  9. oooo
    like painting on the surface of water.
    so delicate yet strong.

  10. The opening of the skies.



  11. Angelique and I were talking about you today Karin.

    She knows how much I love you.

    Renee xoxo

  12. Oh, this reminds me of the sun in Hawaii, where I have just returned from. Thank you for this spontaneous gift of light!


  13. This gives the impression of infinite layers of energy resonating outward from the Source. Thanks for highlighting that this emanates from within.


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