Sunday, May 10

weekend doings

First, let me say thanks everyone, I'm feeling better.
It's been a long time since I've spent much time in my studio, and it had become a catch all mess of disorganized chaos, and not at all conducive to creating. Cat hair from it's primary resident, Pheona, had coated everything!

So, I spent the better part of the weekend setting things right.
Can you tell it's been cleaned up?!
Maybe it's in the detils!
It can be hard to stay focused with this view from my window...
We finally saw the sun, after an eight day stretch of clouds and rain.  So, we took my first stroll of the season, to a small city lake/pond that's a few doors down from our home.  It's primary residents are Canadian geese, but we also have some others...
click on any image for a closer view
Sadly, we came across this guy...

...who had obviously been injured.  He was dragging one wing, which probably was broken by one of the speeding cars that use the intersecting streets as a thoroughfare.  It was heart breaking to watch.  There was a police car sitting a little way up (looking for said speeders) from the goose, and I talked to the officer, who said the goose has been injured and there for several days, at least.  The humane society had come out and tried to trap it, but they aren't really equipped for wild life - their focus is on domestic animals - pets.  I figured I'd try to find some wildlife rescue resource once I got home, and my husband and I continued our walk around the lake.

Soon we came across a young family of geese - the babies were SO dang cute!

Once I got home, I spent over an hour making calls and finally was able to talk to some one who does wildlife rescue.  She had already been out and tried to catch this guy about two weeks ago.  Sadly, if and when this goose is caught, it will have to be euthanized.  The injury is too extensive, and has been this way for too long, so it's *healed* as a dragged limb.  There is plenty of food for it there, and it is still eating and moving around well, so this isn't considered an emergency, now that warm weather has arrived. I found a good resource in our area to help with such animal injuries, at Animal Nation, in Rye, NY. They provide rescue, education, and some good national links for animal and wildlife rescue/care.  
I especially love this part of their mission statement:

The ultimate goal is to ignite the inherent compassion 
in the hearts of all people, through one nation, 
working together, learning, growing and teaching 
others about a society that respects all forms of life.

This goose can't swim, nor fly, and won't be able to get away from predators.  We do have coyotes in the area, so it may fall victim to a natural predator, now that it's been weakened by an unnatural one.

A new blossom from the garden - columbine.
I did do some art, but I'm going to hold off on that for another day.
I don't want to press my luck on trying to load up any more photos!


  1. What a wonderful studio you have and a lovely view to look out on.

    I think there's a 'vibe' to the second lot of photos they've been spruced up, but not its not so easy to tell on first glance. As long as you feel better about it though!

    Pheona is a very cute kitty, BTW!

    Sad about the goose, ah we humans have a lot to answer for in regards to wildlife, don't we? I think its great you spent time calling around to get help. Sometimes that's all we can do though.

    Glad you're feeling better. :)

  2. I have to admit, I'm extremely jealous of your studio. I'm lucky to have a half a closet for supplies and a tiny drafting table to work. Our apt is way too small, but we're saving to buy a house and hopefully I'll get a room to myself. Oh what a dream!!

  3. yeah, i think it's in the details. ; )

    pheona sure is pretty *and* she looks like she could leave some serious cat hair behind! i like seeing your studio... thank you...

    this goose! oh my, some things i would like so much to be able to change.


  4. hi karin!
    so glad you got into your studio to clean and organize!!! i have not been able to do that and it's driving me crazy... a week of hanging kids' art for the final art show... way over 1000 pieces... and a weekend away in dc for will's youngest brother's wedding. it was fun and i got to see art at the smithsonian museums... but now i have tons of ideas and no energy or time... i know that it will come though and am just itching to start creating again. (i hope!)
    love you,

  5. So that is the view from your window! I could look out at that all day... Your studio looks awesome, I showed dh the photos and he commented on how organized it looks! Of course, compared to mine... ha.
    Thanks for taking the time, trying to help the injured goose - all beings need an angel from time to time.
    glad you're feeling better my friend.

  6. It is settled Karin. We will have to screw the cottage and just come to your place. Especially now that you have cleaned up.

    Awww... poor Canadian goose.

    Lovely view Karin and I am glad you felt up to going for a walk.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. Thanks Svasti, I know - the photos don't show just how much of a shift there was! It felt massive, but sure didn't look like it, which cracked me up once I went to post the shots! 2 days of cleaning, organizing, tossing and it looked virtually the same in picture form!!

    Hi Heather, I am extremely fortunate, but I have been there! Believe it or not, there are times I think longingly back to my one room apartment/studio which in total was smaller than this one room is! I know that sounds crazy, but magic happens out of necessity. I'm grateful though, for what ever space I have, or have had!

    yes Lynne, that Pheona is a pretty gal - usually more hidden, since she doesn't like noise (me) or people (me again) unless it's time to eat - so this photo op was a treat!
    sigh, yeah, the goose... there are some things I'd like to change, too.

    Hey Jennifer, yeah, it felt good to move the energy around in there. 1000 pieces of kids art?! wow! that's a lot of hanging!! well, it's great that you are bursting with ideas - it fit's that spring thing. Think of this time as the germination period :) soon you'll be busting out the blossoms!

    Hi Patti, yep - that's my room with a view, so to speak! Organization is essential for me to maintain my sanity. I wish I could just have taken the goose back to our yard -we have everything he'd need... maybe we wouldn't even have to cut our grass anymore! And I'm sure our dog would keep the goose poop situation under control - ewww, but true!

    Ha! Well, we do have one bed available, but everyone else would have to rough it - oh, I have a couple air mattresses - that'll do the trick :)
    yes, it was nice to walk a little. I want to go back and check on Mr Goose - bring him a treat maybe...
    xoxo K

  8. thanks for the peek into where you create! and intot he view of your studio. what a happy place. :)

  9. That must have been a huge weight off your shoulders ...tidying up the studio. I start off with good intentions but never seem to finish the chore. Great to see your studio.


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