Tuesday, April 28

April 27

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  1. this is so calm and clear... i love the roots and the green... xo

  2. This is just how I aspire to feel walking around every day. Can't wait til that's the case :)

  3. I love the roots in this piece, Karin. I recently started a fantastic meditation class and I was just saying to a friend yesterday that what I love best about the teacher, Deb, is that she is so grounded, "rooted" if you will, and yet so spiritual and of the higher energy at the same time. A true role model for me.
    This piece feels like a portrait of what I hope to be one day too !

    Sending love and blessings your way !

  4. ya know ya just can't go wrong with that blue / red polarity...

    I have to remember to share with you the meditation that showed me how to 'cut the root' of the DDA so that the DNA can rise unobstructed...your image takes me right there.
    Thanks so much!!

  5. a reminder to center myself and that all thought should be rooted in the love of all living things

  6. Love the color, the roots and the pose! It reminds me to sit and ground myself! Thank you!

  7. Karin, this image reminds me of the Nepalese boy who meditated under the tree. Consult story here:


    Its possible a similar being contacted you during meditation or dreams and inspired or implanted the image in the mind. Go figure!

  8. I am now feeling centred...thank you.

  9. Thanks all, I'm currently reading Breath by Breath by Larry Rosenberg, the process of which has helped to quickly take me to this place and inspired the image.
    Nabeel, you ask why the red color, and I'll try to give you an answer now, after the fact, but when it was done it was not a thought out decision. When I work in these pages I do so somewhat *mindlessly* trying to do so with some spontaneity, responding to the day itself. So, looking back:
    1 - I simply liked the color, and the contrast of it against the others, knowing it would pop.
    2 - I personally deal with a lot of physical pain, which I experience as hot/red. When I get into a pure meditative state I am able to leave that experience - while it is still in my body, I can still feel at peace .
    3 - I don't want specific associations to be made to this figure, allowing any one the opportunity to be drawn to it, since there is no one truly with a bright red skin, it excludes no one.
    Hope those answer your question. Now I have one for you :) Why do you ask? What did it mean to you?

  10. I love this image, as always, your images really touch me. I connect with them in a very deep way.


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