Sunday, April 26

April 26

The heat is on!  Eight years ago my husband and I moved across country, returning to the east after a long eight year experiment with living on the western side of the United States, in Arizona.  We arrived in April, to wilting 90 degree steamy temperatures and I wondered is this what we left Arizona for?!?  We hit those temps again, breaking this day's past record by ten degrees.  I'm surprised every spring when it happens at some point, but happen it does!  We'll be back in the 60's again by Wednesday, thankfully - I'm in no rush for closing curtains to summer's sun...

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  1. What a wonderful mandala, Karin !!!!
    Its so Alive ( if it is the right word)

    Looking at it and smiling.

  2. Wonderful piece Karin!
    It's hot here too! I refuse to put on the air in!

  3. This is a beauty, Karin !

    Crazy weather for April but thank goodness it is just a tease and will be short lived. It did give the leaf buds and the apple blossoms a big jump start around here though. The morning is filled with smells, sights and sounds of springs...kind of like your beautiful mandala ! ;-)

    Sending much love.

  4. Cold and rainy here, but your beautiful mandala has brought warmth and colour into my day.

  5. Lovely! And yup, it's pretty danged warm here in tennessee as well...almost like we skipped spring and headed straight into summer!

  6. Karin,
    I'm absolutely fascinated with your journal pictures that you post every day. I wondered what medium you use. I so want to draw after leaving your site; so much so, that I'm thinking about looking into art classes in the area and see what's available.

  7. fabo.

    the greening grasses offer a bit o' respite from the heat of the pulsing bloom.

  8. the page *feels* warm! radiant! xo

  9. Hi Maria, yes, it feels like the right word indeed! I was seeing some newly grown tulips - those big green fleshy leaves are very alive under the blazing sun! thank you.

    I am with you Manon - it was pretty tempting as the temps inside hit 80, but I held out and put the fan right at my feet and aimed it straight at myself :)

    Yes, Kim, thankfully! and it has made everything burst - our cherry trees and dogwoods went from buds to loaded in what seemed like the blink of an eye! It is beautiful.

    Thanks Tessa, I'm glad I could share our sunshine :)

    Hi Cynjon, exactly! we will be back to spring by weeks end, I'm happy to say! You guys are probably winding up spring though, right?! Yeah weather :)

    Hi Jill, I can't tell you how happy that makes me!! A mixed media class might be a wonderful thing to do, if you can find one - getting a chance to play with a variety of media and see which appeals most to you. My pages are primarily acrylic paint on a gesso surface. I do a lot with watered down acrylics, making them pretty transparent, almost watercolor like, but you can layer and rework the area without the paints coming back up. acrylics allow that, where as water colors will come up if you try to go back into them after they dry.

    Hey Donna, yes - it was our grass out back and those tulip leaves in the full sun, seemingly untouched by the sun, though the flowers had gone from closed buds to so wide open each individual petal was separate and not touching the one next to it, the flower had opened so widely as it yawned to the sun! ahhhh sun :)

  10. Ah, your colors make my heart sing and cheer up this cloudy and cold day in the Pacific Northwest.

  11. This mandela has striking ressemblance to certain kinds of energetic auras. Human beings are always sensing more than they consciously register.

  12. This mandala makes me feel so happy.


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