Saturday, April 25

April 25

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  1. your delightful yellow green swimmer gives me a feeling of refreshment and joy...just like following the creative flow...where oh where will it go?

    I don't know...I just enjoy the opportunity to go along with the mystery. The colors you offer are so inviting and soothing...thank you.

  2. Oh, Karin ! I feel like you came with me on my walk this morning ! I was so very lucky to be in Ogunquit, Maine since Friday,on a sweet couples weekend with my man. This morning, I woke up a little sore and cranky (hard bed !) so my man said, go walk it off ! And I did. I walked along the Marginal Way walking path with my camera and some of my rocks to leave behind as gifts. I wandered down a path that lead to the rocky beach and put my toes in the freezing water. While I was standing there, watching the waves and feeling so very thankful for the moment, I thought, "There are fish who live in this blue and sparkly water each day. What message would they have to say today ?" The answer I got ? - "Yes, you are lucky !"

    Love your fish and thanks for the company ! ;-)

  3. I love the colours and the swirls. It seems full of mystery and secrets. Beautiful work.

  4. The fish of the moment breathes new life into your world. Each person takes steps to reach soul. It is not such a round-about route after all. In fact, one need not move further than the outside the confines of the mind.

  5. I can't quite put my finger on it but your pages raise my spirits. I am feeling very calm....and happy. Thanks Karin.

  6. We are almost twins.

    I did the same with the award thing only I didn't even link anyone, I just put them on the side.


    Love Renee

    did you like the book?

  7. I love these pages - and the commentary! how cool.


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