Monday, March 30

March 30

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  1. Amid my thorns, my blossoms grow...

    big hugs on this beautiful Tuesday

  2. This is beyond words. This is exactly what your blog was named for.

    Karin this is one of my favourites and you know they are all favourites.

    I love this piece.

    Thank you for your beautiful words. It makes me happy to know that your love is in this world.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. Ooooh! I love this so much. This is very promising and hopeful! I love the art technique too. You must share a little technical information :)

  4. Thank you Kim, hugs back to you :)

    Thank you Robyn...

    Hey Renee, yeah this one didn't seem to need any verbal accompaniment for me either. Thank you for everything...
    No words were needed about content, but technique is another story! Thank you Ces - it's really quite simple. I started with a bit of a wash of gesso, which I laid down in waves like the waves the vines follow. Then I just used your average ever day pencil to draw the thorny vines. At the end I painted in a few buds with water colors - but they are very special water colors that my friend Lynne just turned me on to. They are from LuminArte and if you want to order them, do it soon because they are discontinuing the line. They are currently 40% off list price, which doesn't show up in your online order, but will be reflected on your bill - I just did it, so I know :) They are so wonderful, I'm ordering more to stock up before they no longer exist. These are the "twinkling" H2O's which have a lovely sparkle to them.

  5. Karin, These two pages are beautiful. The details show up so well in the closeups...amazing. Your drawing abilities are outstanding and the tiniest touches of hopeful colour, perfect!

    That being said, it reminded me of the pain you are in, more often than not, with glimpses of hope appearing just every now and then. Even the words one can read could very easily apply to the question, "when will this pain subside?"

    Channelling your pain into your art and turning it into a thing of beauty is sure to bring healing.

  6. Karin,
    Thank you for your kind words and great advise - maybe one day ... I have not seen anything like your art before - it just makes me want more.

  7. Your journal pages are wonderful and I love the journal project you are doing with Lynne.

  8. Is this a journal page though or is it a book? I am not familiar with the materials you mentioned. I have only used oils, pigment pens, colored pencils, pencils and rapidograph pens. Is this like one of those book paintings?

  9. Very nice pages. I like the little pops of color!

  10. amazing that you would draw thorny vines and yet let buds of hope blossom where they will! i love your butterfly too. i've been a little discouraged that i write these comments and then a glitch happens and they don't get through. I hope this one makes it

  11. -thank you Sonia, yeah, I've been having some thorny days lately, but with the spring in the air it would be hard not to recognize a few glimmers.
    -Thanks Shelly, and you're welcome, too - I just think we all recognized you share Renee's talent with words and wit :)
    -thank you Sybil!!
    -Hi Ro, thanks so much. I am excited about the collab journal - the more I think about it, and see others collaborations, the more I see the potential in such shared creative explorations.
    -HI Ces, sorry I didn't explain that - I forget people don't know the back ground of this blog! It's pages from my journal which is done in an altered book. If you click on thelinked word "process" in the first section of my side bar, under Images Arrive, you'll see a video of me going through a day's spread as an example. All the pages seen here are within this one book, so far, unless otherwise stated.
    -Hi Peggy - I've been having some difficulties with certain blogs, too -just a couple, but consistently so. I'm bummed to hear that mine is one for you. However this comment did come through! so, thank you for your persistence, and for your observations :)

  12. beautiful, so glad Seth's blog lead me here!

  13. Wonderful pages. Leaves me with a sense of hope and expectation.

  14. Karin ... How beautiful ... and such a celebration of Spring ... that it arrives, eventually, no matter what ... This creation is really speaking to my broken-open heart today ... My eldest cat, Roo, died three days ago ... It was also the day that I saw my first green shoots of this Spring ... So it goes, birthing and living and dying and rebirthing ...

    Love to you, dear heart xoxoxox


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