Thursday, April 2


The Butterfly project continues.
For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about,
I'm working on an art auction donation piece, which I started on this post:

This is how it started...

and this is where I am, so far...

but I'm sorry, I am having a hard time imagining wanting
to purchase these butterfly pieces, unless they evolve greatly from their original form -
even with them being for a great cause. Perhaps one done with tile mosaic? so it could
be outside in a garden, which maybe is what I should have done!
Oh well, hopefully it will bring generous $$...


  1. It is beautiful!

    If we were not unpractically far apart I would buy it right now.

    My first thought where to have it on a wall, but it has a foot, hasn't it? Well, it would do nicely beside a TV as well.

  2. I think you worked it out pretty well. The colours, the words peeking's beautiful. I love the slideshow.

  3. Hi beautiful Karin !
    I love the colors in your butterfly. Those make me happy. The strangest thing about this whole sculptured piece is that butterflies and flowers are so airy and light in feeling and this piece seems so thick and heavy in form. Not what I would choose either but I think the care and color you have put into yours helps its cause. ;-) That and knowing that the $$ is going to a good place is sure to get some notice !
    Hope your day is full of colorful moments,
    lots of love,

  4. I don't think you'll have to worry about it selling at auction. The colors are so vibrant and cheerful and the different captions used from the newspaper compliment it well. Nicely executed!

    Isn't funny how you think of different ways to do it once it's almost done. I do that all the time.

  5. Thanks you guys, That clunkiness and trying to 'lighten' it is the biggest challenge. You're right Kim - I shouldn't have to do that, since nature makes them light, but not in this case!!
    When I signed on I imagined a wall piece as well, Désirée! But it is what it is. The thing is, it's pretty dang BIG, so you have to have the space for it, and really like it to take up that much room!
    Anyway, thanks - glad you like the slid show Sonia :) and yes - it is funny, and fun, working out these kinds of challenges Heather. Makes me wonder how many varied ways these butterflies will appear at auction! I have one friend who will be felting hers, which should be very cool!!

  6. Karin what a gret job. It is looking fantastic. At first the thing looked like a bat and now it is a beautiful butterfly.

    I love it. xoxoxo

    How are you feeling. I see you were up all night. Couldn't you sleep.

    Love Renee

  7. Hi Karin,

    Well, I think someone will shell out the big bucks for your butterfly—the colors are so rich and vibrant and I love the swirls on the wings! The inspirational words over newspaper adds to the multi-layered effect. Just yesterday I found butterfly wings on my walk—the first time ever—and was both amazed and saddened.

    I’ve been reading your entire blog and just want to tell you how amazing your visual journals are. You have translated your hardships into expressive creativity. I love your figures and expressive personal drawing and painting style. My husband has dealt with health problems for most of our marriage, as well as most of his life beginning with polio as a child. His art is his cooking and baking.

    I’ll be visiting often.

    Take care,

  8. I believe it's gonna sell quickly. I think ya did a wonderful job! Hope ya having a good day. Hugs~

  9. I think it's beautiful and, oh, I can just imagine it fitting in so perfectly with the other exotics in my 'play room'.

    Is it really awfully heavy? Could it fly to England - with the help of the mailman?

  10. I would buy that in a heartbeat! Wonderful- that is!

  11. aw shucks you guys :) well, you definitely have made me feel better about this piece. I guess I was thinking too much about how I'd have created a butterfly from scratch - I love making bugs, as seen with these insecty creatures!
    It's actually surprisingly light, for it's size, but I don't know about shipping to England Tessa!! For some reason the piece has to be delivered by April 15th, but the function isn't until October.
    Anyway, thanks for all your encouragement. Onward ho!!

  12. OH MY GAWD!

    That is fantastic! I really do. WOW! That is absolutely beautiful. I like that very much! WOW!

  13. I love the butterfly-simply beautiful. So, how much is it going for because I am interested? What is the butterfly made out of?


  14. You've done a beautiful job, Karin and I love your insects too. And the journals. Actually I really enjoy your entire blog.


  15. I think this has turned out spectacularly! Great job.

  16. You have worked wonders, Karin! It's such a gorgeous butterfly but I do agree that that heavy stand should be used for a Boeing 747 rather than a butterfly.


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