Sunday, March 1

March 1

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I know I don't usually explain my images, but this is definitely a departure from most of my work, and it was done through a completely 'letting go' process, so I thought I'd describe what it has shown me.

Due to higher levels of pain in my hands and shoulder that past several days, I've needed to work more quickly and loosely.  I started these pages with my usual layer of gesso, but while it was still wet I scraped in three symbols - just opened myself and let what ever came to my mind, go directly down into the surface.  No thinking, just action - wheel, ladder, bird - the first three things that popped into my brain.  

While that dried, I picked through a small pile of images and words sitting on my lap table, and "shelter" came to mind, while visualizing house shape.  The H hospital sign caught my eye, creating a perfect roof line, so I tore it out into the house shape.  Adding to it's perfect shape, I realized that the image of the hospital and arrow were meant for me symbolically and literally - I saw the arrow pointing to the left, which made me think about how I am still recovering from my last stay at the hospital, and the arrow seems to be pointing to the past.

Suddenly it all became quite obvious - the work told me what was going on, as it unfolded in front of me.  The wheel represents the frustration I feel as I'm "spinning my wheels" in the healing process, with physical therapy (which has triggered a few new problems for me) and all this waiting I'm doing to get better.   The ladder is a way to climb out of the hole I feel like I'm in, and the bird is just a playful, "keep it light" kind of image - to sing and laugh, though it still grounded, and isn't flying quite yet, it does have wings that spread wide...  The hands point the way upward and off the wheel spinning, and the fortune just had to be used!! "Warning: do not eat your fortune"!?!? I got this over the weekend.  That could be interpreted in so many different ways, so I'll leave it to you!


  1. oh this bird... and the wheel (well that's what i'm thinking it is anyway : ), the ladder... xo

  2. this is a bit more cryptic... I'm going to study it for a while... and please tell me that's a real fortune?!

    oh, and I want your shade of green!!!

  3. thanks Lynne and Patti - I just added some explanation to the imagery and process I did with this one, since It is so different from my usual pages! That fortune is indeed real - isn't it a riot?!
    xox K

  4. The process is intriguing. "Every picture tells a story".....and
    the encouraging part is the movement from the spinning wheel...out of the spin... and up the ladder. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Karin, before I comment on today's post, Oh My God! I love, love, love the book! I almost feel bad for everybody who didn't win it, except that I am so glad I did! I felt like I was holding a treasure when I removed it from the box and as I examined it and it's contents, I KNEW I was holding a treasure. Thank you so very, very much for your generous heart!(Pun intended)

    About today's post, manifesting your unconcious in your art is such a special way to create. It requires a very high level of letting go. Both the ladder and the bird seem to indicate a positive outcome.

    The level of letting go you have attained is one that I have yet to achieve as I am such a control freak. The only time I can let my subconscious surface is when I sleep and other than dreams which disappear as my eyes open, there's not much creating going on there!

    I'm sending warm healing thoughts to you right now! Take care, Karin!

  6. I just kissed each of your palms better, did you feel it. It was like a tiny little whisper of a kiss.


  7. Hi Robyn, yes, the imagery over all has movement going in the right direction!!

    Yeah!! so glad the book got to you, safe and sound Sonia. Shortly after I got your comment, I received an email letting me know that I had won a drawing from's birthday give away! So what goes around truly does come around. The painting I won has a heart as it's central image focus - pretty wild, eh?! Thanks for the healing thoughts.

    And thank you Renee, for kisses, making me feel all better :)
    love, Karin

  8. hi karin,
    i'm burried in writing comments and trying to get everything done for my trip... just wanted to say hi... i love your three symbols - and as soon as i saw the ladder - i knew what it meant:) lots of love and hugs,

  9. Karin,
    When I saw this page I thought it represented a kiva. For Pueblo tribes such as the Hopi, a kiva is a sort of underground temple where religious ceremonies are performed. You enter a kiva through a hole in the top, climbing down a ladder to the floor; this is symbolic of a womb, and of rebirth. So this is a powerful symbol for you, indicative of healing and new beginnings. I'll try to post one of my pieces "Kiva Spirits" on my blog for you. May they help speed your healing!

  10. Just an amazing piece. It rally speaks to me. I recognize some of my own feelings and images in dealing with my illness.


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