Monday, March 2

March 2

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  1. what a powerful image Karin !!!
    It talks to me.

  2. Thank God for fireproof wings.

    Sending lots of LOVE(the biggest extinguisher we have.)


  3. I love this. Is there a story that goes with her?

  4. Thanks Maria.
    Indeed Kim! but I'll pass on the extinguisher. Fire is the great cleanser, renewer - gotta let it do it's job :)
    Thank you Katherine. Hmm, a story - well, I'm kind of feeling like I'm in the heat of things, these days - just going through a rough patch physically and emotionally, yet I know that these are always transformative times - times that can raise me to a different plane of understanding and experiencing life. The angel figure represents that, as she reaches upward out of the flames, engulfed yet untouched by them...

  5. Before I read your other comments, I was thinking that this is the way I feel in the "heat of things" and then I saw your comment and realized I was on the right track- whatever that might be- your art is just so soulfull- it begs for introspection

    I left a comment yesterday and thought your bird was a symbol of hope, ..some reason the comment didn't transfer

  6. I really like the fire image.
    I never know what to write about your blog but your pages always inspire me to new directions in my art.

  7. If this is you than I am coming with buckets of water to put those flames out.

    You are not going to be in them anymore if I have any say in the matter at all.

    I will be right there.

    Love you, seriously a whole lot.

  8. Thanks OC ;-) It seems we often are thinking along similar lines! (i've had a few glitches with comments lately - don't know what that's about...)

    Robert, your visits are always appreciated - any words left behind are mementos of those visits! Thank you.

    Thank you Renee, now can you hand me a towel?!?
    ❤ Karin

  9. Powerful imagery Karin. I hope the flames have subsided. (((Hugs)))


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