Wednesday, March 25

Animated Wall Art

I've been doing some work on the butterfly donation piece, 
which has me sitting and standing, challenging my still recovering back, 
so I'm headed for a nice reclined position and probably 
will not be getting to my journal today.  
Instead I thought I'd share this video, which I have fallen in love with.
 I came across it recently via a Twitter sharing.  

For further exploration you can click on this post's title and you will be taken 
to the artist's web site where you can explore more of the videos, 
sketchbooks, drawings, etc., created.


Pretty dang cool, if you ask me!!


  1. this is stunning isn't it....thanks for bringing it back around.

    Look forward to seeing how that butterfly has morphed!!

  2. yeah - I'd seen a shorter version, and on their site you can see all the pieces, but I'd never seen it all put together in this long version, which appears to have been done 10 months ago. SOme of their other animations are very cool, too - good messages regarding both humanity and the environment.
    The butterfly is all paper mached now, with words added, but no painting started yet. I'll share shots when I cn show more transformation!

  3. I enjoyed the strangeness of it all:)


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