Tuesday, March 24

March 24

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As I sit here thinking about how people have said they like when I've written a little about my images recently, I realize why I don't do it often. I find myself finishing these pages rather late in the day. It's now reading 2:37 a.m. on my desk top clock, and verbal brain function isn't at it's peak, but I'll give it a try!

Yesterday, or was it the day before yesterday now, I was reading
Renee's post on dream interpretations for images starting with the letter P, at Circling My Head.  When I came to Palm: Suggests that you hold all the knowledge you need in your own hands. The palm is a symbol of openness and a generous nature; a reminder for you to reach and utilize your full potential. Suddenly I flashed on a fragment of my dream from the night before, where I was staring into my own palm. I chalked it up to having a friend who is taking a series of palm reading classes (50 weeks!) and has been practicing on me, and the day before she had told me about something she learned regarding a characteristic in my hands.  My palms are  pretty solidly covered with a fine web of lines - like a screen covers my whole hand.  She said she'd never seen that many lines, and wondered what it might mean, so she asked her teacher about it.  The teacher interpreted it by saying I was a memory keeper, and that I am very sensitive and held by and to these memories... if you knew me well, you'd know just how much that fits.  

Anyway, I'm also currently reading a novel where the main character is a psychic/palm reader/tarot card reader, so I figured not a surprise that the palm popped into my dream world.  I love Renee's interpretation of this dream imagery though, and like to think that's what's going on!  When something recurs again and again, visiting in both waking and sleeping hours I do give it a bit more thought - and so you see the palm images in the back ground of these pages.

The birds represent the goldfinches that have returned to our feeders!  They aren't as vibrant as they get later in the summer, but they are a welcome sight as harbingers of the warmer days soon to come.  The back ground design is all done with metallic golds and copper, but I'm not sure that shows up too well in these photos.

OKay, time to sign off - it's now 3:05 a.m. and time to see what imagery will visit me tonight...

sweet dreams


  1. Love your pages, Karin. I have always been attracted to images of palmistry, phrenology and even fortune telling.

    Like you, I also enjoy our very active bird feeders! The american goldfinch are regular visitors as are redpoll finches, juncoes and ring-necked pheasants.

    As for being a memory keeper,I feel your work supports that idea 100%, and it always presents insights into your personality (and that's a beautiful thing).

    Hope you have a great day.

  2. Oh my, this piece just sings right off the page for me! There is something very timeless about it, too. Amazing, Karin.


  3. Beautiful work Karin. I love the combination of the hands and the birds, the hand lines and the henna on the hands. Wonderful. Lucky you for being a memory keeper. I have forgotten so much. I chalk that up to having so many lifetimes in one.

  4. Hi Sonia, it's as if the imagery alone carries the entire history of the ancient art of palmistry, isn't it? I think that's why I am drawn to so much of those images - they carry such a long past with them, and I just love *old*!! Yes! the bird feeders are a constant delight - we too have juncoes galore, tufted titmice, chickadees, cardinals... and on the ground the chipmunks have been showing up again, holding their own among the squirrels! thanks for you visit today, and I hope you have a great one, too!!

    Thank you Courtney - I think it's that background that really anchors the piece - don't you?

    Hi Katherine, thank you. It's funny, because I do have a hard time with many literal memories - but I have stored much within my body and cells. Things have surfaced over time, as far back as from my first 6 months of life - which is hard to believe, but were verified. I can totally relate to having many lifetimes within this one - it blows me away how many people I feel I have been; how many places I have begun again...

  5. You are so eloquent Karin. I love this post, well of course I do.

    Your picture is what I really love. I love your palms and I believe you have the whole world in your grasp. You are in an amazing place right now.

    A truly special coming together of everything you are meant to be.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. Karin the blue around the picture reminds me of the ocean. Your palm is a sail the winds cannot blow down. I see wind but it does not affect you. You stand strong.

    You sing of hope through the bird while at the same time you listen through the other bird.

    You do all that is needed.

    You travel. You stand strong. You hope. You listen. You live.


    Love Renee xoxo

  7. Thank you for staying up and sharing the story behind the image. Hmmm, the memory keeper. I LOVE it.

    The image of the hand here reminded me of a milagros I have. (ah, another recurring theme perhaps, as you used one on the cover of the book)

  8. Stunning pages. The limited color palette really works!

  9. What a lovley painting and interesting piece about the lines in your hands. I've never met anyone with as many lines in their hands as mine. I love the interpretation your friends teacher gave you, strangely it suits me to a T as well. I'll always remember that now when I look down at all those lines, lol.
    Have a beautiful day.

  10. The cherry on the top....reading your thoughts behind your work. These pages look so delicate ..like those old Japanese paintings and woodblock prints.

  11. Karin maybe doing that bat (butterflie) is just no good for your back. Maybe you can't do it. Your health is not worth it.

    Love Renee xoxo


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