Friday, March 27

March 26 & Vision Collaboration continues

The last couple of days have been pretty challenging.  For those of you that are new, I had my third back surgery a few months ago, and have been slowly recovering.  I started p/t 5 weeks ago and have definitely made some progress, but over the past couple of days I've seen that progress unravel nearly completely.  Can't say there is any specific reason why, but as many of you know, I also deal with auto immune issues and pain levels have elevated along with inflammation, frustration, and quite frankly I'm just feeling sad about it all.  Usually my art is where I find refuge, but my hands have been hurting a great deal as well, so I'm not finding relief or escape in any of the places I tend to turn to.  An artist without her hands is not a happy camper!

click on images for closer view

So, here is the inside cover and first page of my collaborative project, which you can read about a few posts down.  One more page and I can pack 'er up and ship 'er off to make the switch with Lynne!  Then the real fun begins - heh heh heh.

The key here is attached with wire that is threaded through from the front of the cover, where I had hung the eye from the milagro seen here.  I had poked the hole through and to anchor that eye bead/pendant and there were these wires, so I used the wire ends to wrap around the key and anchor it in on this side of the cover.  I hope that makes sense...

On this page, I sliced around the eye, and inserted a pocket to hold the 'frotune telling card', which you see peeking out, and pictured below for a better view.


  1. I love the eyes and the synchronicity of the playing card. I think this collaboration between two such talented ladies is sure to bear some beautiful fruits !

    Taking deep breaths and radiating big Love to your soul and your bones, beautiful Karin.

  2. Love your journal page, it's just sad to think that it is inspiration born through pain. By that same token, what is amazing is that, to the onlooker, you almost make pain look beautiful. What would be marvelous is if expressing your suffering in this way could somehow exorcise your pain and leave you healed. That is what I wish for you.

    As for the collaboration, love the inside cover. I find some of the most interesting things I create come from solving little problems, i.e. the wires holding the key. Also love the fortunetelling card.

    Take care of yourself, Karin.

  3. Just wanted ya to know I'm saying prayers for ya. I hope ya find soem relief from the pain. Big Hugs~

  4. I wish I could come up there and drain the pain from your hands. I wonder if you're taking everything possible to ease it - not trying to push drugs but if it helps you create then it is good.
    Found the post on your palms interesting too... memory keeper. I see that. Have you thought about the possible relationship between them 'holding' and also being the central focus of your pain? Glad you're writing more too - I think it really enhances your images.

  5. Karin your artwork is outstanding, as always.

    Your hands. Oh no. And your back, I wonder why. You are not in a flare are you?

    Your journal entry with the illness is completely real, but not for everyone, but you and I know don't we. I wish we didn't.

    Take care of you, please.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. oh, i am smiling all around, karin... except for the pain, but i do love the art that's come from it. i think 'body of knowledge' is perfect... i love the color of the leaves against the color of the background.

    and the pages in our book! they're so perfect in their simplicity that i don't know if i'll be able to bring myself to do a thing to either page...


  7. Sorry for your pain dear friend. Gentle cyber hugs flitting over the sea to you. Have you ever tried tissue salts? I use calc fluor and ferrum phos for my hands.

  8. I don't even know you but having lived through a back injury of my own I am sad for you, be well, and keep making beautiful things


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