Tuesday, February 10

Just one for today... and a reminder

click on images for closer view

Going with the theme of the imagery above, 
I thought I'd remind you all that if you haven't joined in my give away, 
and you would like an opportunity to hold this little book
in your own little hands,
 click here: GiveAway!!
leave a comment there (not here!) and check back in
on February 14th, to see who's name gets pulled from the hat!!


  1. these colors... deep sigh. and oh how i love these hands.


    one who fearlessly progresses some days

  2. Nice journal spread. Simple yet powerful at the same time.

  3. Karin the book your worked on was amazing.

    Now please do me a big favour and stop showing your heart book to more of my competition. The more people going into the pot, the harder for me to win. OKAY?

    xoxoxo Love Renee

  4. This priceless gem reminds readers of the hearts gifted to chldren by fellow students on Valentine's day. A heart made of paper is sometimes made and placed on the wall like a heart mail box for friends to fill with loving messages. Get nostalgic!


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