Saturday, January 24

Give Away!

I've been thinking about how I'm coming up on the 6 month point (this Sunday) of having started my journal, and this blog, and how amazing this experience has been for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be sharing my artwork, or myself, with people in Greece, Africa, or even Canada... Nor did I know I would connect in such a meaningful way with people that I have never met face to face. So many new people have entered my life, in such a relatively short amount of time!

Having this blog (thank you Donna and Jennifer, for encouraging me to start this avenue of expression!) has helped me to be very disciplined with my journaling practice. It has helped me with my commitment, knowing that I have a place where I am going to present what I've done each day, and that there are people that care and look forward to seeing what I have created. So, I want to say thank you! from the bottom of my heart...

by making a gift of one of my Heart books
The pages in this book are folded and
glued together to create pockets, which hold more hearts!
Some of them have been stamped with handmade stamps
and hand written messages from me...
and some are left blank, for you to write your own heart's messages.

If this book gets your heart a-flutter, and you'd like to call it your own,
all you have to do is leave a comment here,
and on February 14th, Valentine's day naturally :)
I'll be putting all your names into a hat and drawing one.
I'll announce the winner then, and we'll do that info exchange thing and get it in the mail!!
Good Luck Karin


  1. And Australia; you've met me from Australia.

    My heart is a-flutter from your beautiful book. Thank you Karin for the chance to win your loving, lovely book.

  2. yes, yes, and Australia!!! how could I leave out my friends down under?! You're welcome Zom - good luck!

  3. And one from Ireland.... :)
    I've got your blog up on my homepage through google reader as you have been a true source of inspiration for me. Thank you for making your art and spirit available to all of have no idea what kind of positive ripple you are creating.

    Wishing you continued success and best of health always,

  4. my heart just glanced at this book and went wildly a-flutter! LOVE it, karin... xo

  5. Oooo ! How lovely !
    Of course I would so appreciate being included in the draw for this rich and love-filled heart book !

    A beautiful way to share the love, Karin ! Thanks !
    Happy Saturday!

  6. What a wild wonderful ride your blog has been for me. Loving your process and commitment to journaling and blogging! Please enter me and I always look forward to your inspiration!

  7. I live in the far away land of Virginny...please toss my name in that hat! :-)

  8. Here goes a heart-felt comment;-). I have been following you for some time and always receive your posts with joy. The art is fantastic (thumbs up for yesterday's journal page: yummy), and the text is usually very inspiring. btw, I'm an Irishwoman living in Spain (so you can count two countries there...). And I waaant to be in that hat, purlease!

  9. Karin:

    This is very generous, something that doesn't surprise me at all.

    It is beautiful Karin just like you and many of our mutual friends that I have visited like Lynne, Zom, Kelly (do you visit her, she is lovely too).

    Anyway of course I want it, because I love it, but I think that as you surround yourself at this blog with quality people, that anyone who wins it will truly appreciate it.


    Love Renee

  10. I want one - waaaahhhhhhhh. How's that for dignified?? I love the book - such a cool idea. And thank YOU for posting every day - so much to look forward to!

  11. Count me in. I would love to win anything you have generous of you and I feel just like you do about meeting so many wonderful people all over the world through blogging. I am so happy for this outlet.


  12. This is really beautiful. I would love a chance at winning this. I am sitting here in snowy Idaho. I really love your blog by the way. Your journal pages are always inspiring.


  13. Karin,

    It has been lovely following your work. I look forward to the next 6 months.


  14. My heart is fluttering so much it's about to take off....all the way from sunny South Africa. I would love to take part in the draw for such a beautiful little book created by you.
    Thank YOU for sharing your amazing art journal and giving us a little glimpse of your world.

  15. I think I just may have to get myself a map and put pins in all the spots you come! Being the visual person I am, I'll better understand just how near and far you are from me, in the physical sense. When we meet here, it feels like a neighborhood cafe, where we come and go, bumping into each other, stopping for a chat, feeling better for having had the chance meeting.
    Thanks all, for stopping by - I am already getting excited for the drawing!
    xoxo Karin

  16. I think your book of pocket hearts is going on a small adventure.

    Some small secrets of romance tucked inside the pages.

    If I won such a miracle of imagination I would craft a short story around this beautiful object.

    I would breath life into the story by making it a short movie.

  17. Wow this is very beautiful!
    Count me in!

  18. It is just amazing the interactions and relationships you form with people from all over the world on account of blogging. I'm also Australian, and I started blogging 4 years ago now (on a different blog). Among the wonderful people I met was the most intriguing American man. He was a field engineer, whose company contracted to the American military. He found himself in Iraq and was writing about his experience there ( It was absolutely fascinating, and I often commented on his journal. The comments turned into emails, and eventually he decided to come and visit me in person once he left Iraq. That was 4 years ago, and after several trips back and fourth we are now engaged to be married this year, and I am moving to the USA permanently. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined something like this could happen to me on account of my blog!

    I love this little space you have created, so much so I have added you to my blogroll! Your work is beautiful, and I would love to go into your draw. If I were to win it would be a very appropriate symbolic gift for my future husband on Valentines Day.

    Keep up your wonderful work, it makes the world a more beautiful place.

  19. Please count me in also. What a gracious gift! I hail from seacoast New Hampshire where we need a little extra love these days with all of this snow...

    I look forward to the next six months also!

  20. I am just enthralled by your process and creations. So many times, I look at your daily journal pages and think "I would frame that" and hang it on my wall.

    My heart is a-flutter in CleveLand. Please put me in the magic hat.

  21. I think your heart book would love to live in Illinois so count me in please, my own heart is beating wildly with anticipation. Beautiful work you do, I've only recently joined your site here, but your work truly captivates my soul.
    Can't wait to see what this new year brings to all of us!

  22. I love all the comments here, maybe you should put all the comments into the pocket of the heart book.

    Thanks for the magic you've created with this give-a-way:)

  23. This book of all of your just lovely, Karen. Thank you for so generously sharing "your heart" with us.

  24. Well, Robert, that's a fun idea, and I'll surely do it for you if your name is draw - especially if your going to write that short story, or make a little movie :)
    Now that's a blogging story Amy!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, and a big congrats to you and Tommie!!
    and a thanks to all for joining in!
    ♥ Karin

  25. I love that nourishing exchange happens in the cyber space. It doesn't matter how much we give or how much we take. What is important, is that feeling at the end of the day that it makes it equal.

    Thank you for sharing your heart's light and put some colors in ours.

    And I love that heart book.

  26. I'm feeling a little under the weather today but just had to comment...I feel blessed that somehow I found your blog in all the 1000's I could have chosen. Not only is your work amazing and your words inspiring, you often respond personnally. No wonder people feel connected to you. I love the idea of a map. I think I will do that myself. And I love the Heart book...such a perfect representation of you!

  27. ooh, me, me, me!

    What a lovely book.


  28. Karin!!! This is so beautiful. So, so beautiful---your heart just grew an extra ten inches in diameter--because of all the love and generousity it takes to give this beautiful journal away!

    I hope I win--I'm crossing every finger, toe, and limb!!

    Peace & Love.

  29. Oh I would love to win this beautiful book.

  30. I agree Maria, It is amazing how rich the exchange can be here in blog land, isn't it?

    I hope you are feeling better Curio. Thank you so much for your kind words - I am touched...

    I have to laugh, picturing you Connie!! don't hurt yourself :)

    once again, thanks to all for joining in!
    xoxo Karin

  31. I adore this book as well as your blog!

  32. all your heart gets my heart a fluttering - you have heart-fluttering art my friend and thank you for offering a gift

  33. ok... couldn't resist. ever since i saw this at zoe and floydd... wanted it! thanks for the thanks for encouraging you to go the blog route, but you have surely surpassed me in many ways with it!!! you have a true gift and sharing it with the world (literally!) is such an awesome thing! i kind of feel bad putting my name in this - so please don't send it to me even if it does get picked. i have tons of your work and it should be spread out to others who love it too! just wanted you to know that you rock my art-filled world:)

  34. ohhh - i was just your 33rd comment - that is such good luck for me!!! wow - my favorite number!

  35. That is the neatest thing. What a wonderful creation. I just stumbled upon your blog this morning and love the ginormous art journal. The image of it bursting from its confining binding makes me smile. I think we all want to be that full of life that the confines of our conditioning burst at the seams and we are free.

    Thank you for offering this gift.


  36. Hi Karin,
    Your dad, who is one proud papa, sent me to this site. It is beautiful! So glad you have discovered this means of sharing your creativity with the world.

  37. Beautiful!
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    Happy days,

  38. Who could resist a hand- and heart-created bookie from our Karin? :-)

    In Love's world, every day is Valentine's Day ...

    Karin, I love how your blog has taken off. Such beauty is flamboyantly contagious! Wheee!

    xoxo Jaliya

  39. Karin, I must say your heart book is beautiful and I'm so thankful to be included in the drawing. Hopefully, I'll be the winner!

    Thanks for your generosity,

  40. Karin,
    How good of you to share.
    Happy Valentines Day,

  41. your heart book is lovely. I'd love to win it. but even better I.d like to see your magical book in person. thanks for sharing it with us all!

  42. your heart book is lovely. I'd love to win it. but even better I.d like to see your magical book in person. thanks for sharing it with us all!

  43. Greetings from Grenada, West Indies, in admiration of your words, images, honesty, creativity and generosity xxx

  44. Heya Karin, I would be delighted and honoured if I was the winner of your wonderful book of love. :)

  45. Such a sweet little thing. I would love to call it my own.

  46. How beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to play! =)


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