Tuesday, February 10

more we know...

click on images for closer view


  1. Looking for the words to say how much I like those images.

    There are beautiful Karin. Thanks for sharing !

    Btw, last saturday was my first drawing lesson, after 22 years. I'm back to drawing. Your blog among other things, make me realize how much I missed that. Thanks for that.


  2. Karen these are incredible. How beautiful. I love the elephants, I love the angels, and I love you.

    Love Renee

  3. the tearing job on the elephants! and the sky above them. the texture on the angel wings... xo

  4. This series of images reminds us of the presence and loving influence of angels in our midst. Your creative perspective is heart-warming and vibrant colors add new dimensions. Let the ideas continue to flow.


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