Thursday, February 19

February 18 & 19

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  1. To walk among those trees with a cool breeze.

  2. hi karin, a pathway, yes... oh, what colors. oh what words...i love this little person. xo

  3. Thanks for this walk in the beautiful, even with the bumps along the paths or the roots sticking up that trip us sometimes.

    Sending some extra loving prayers your way tonight or as my mom/guru would say "I have you on my antenna." Thinking about you , beautiful Karin.
    ox ox

  4. Vibrant colours! This piece has a calm eastern quality that I love. I particularly like the figure leaning against the tree trunk.

  5. I very much like your art-works.
    What a vitality!

  6. Another fabulous journal entry. I absolutely love your work.


  7. Oh boy, I am toast. I've had an interest in altered books hovering around the edges of my brain for about 2 weeks now. Since I've seen your amazing, spiritual art here, I am completely inspired. The pink trees in your enchanted inspiration forest are calling to me. I must first find a book to alter. It appears that you use those thick board books. Is that right? I can't wait to give this a try.


  8. Yeah - that's a walk I'd like to take, too Robert! See you on the path :)

    and the little person loves you, lynne!!

    Yes indeedy, Kim, those knotty roots add lots of character to that pathway! and thanks for that antennae connection. a big hug for you!

    thank you Robyn - I really enjoyed these colors, and imagining walking through a forest of lotus trees, larger than life!

    I thank you very much Nagalore!

    And than you, too Carmen - I'm touched that you enjoy my journal.

    Ha! The whole world of books opens in a new way Alberta - and no, I don't use hard board books, which means ANY book can be used :) what I do is glue a couple pages together, and gesso them, to get a substantial enough surface to work on. If you go to this post you can see the book and how it started, to where it is now!

  9. These pages are super, especially the little guy.
    I love the green and grey together.

  10. Karin, super fantastic. I love it and the colours are brilliant. You are amazing.

    I had a dream that you, Lynne, Laurel (from studio lolo) and I were all living together in a cottage by the sea. It was brilliant.

    You three painted and I just sat and loved everything. You and I were on the couch relaxing and gabbing and Laurel (who is an animal whisperer) was whispering secrets to us to make us feel good. It was working. And as she whispered both you and I would yell Lynne, can you bring me a rum and coke in a tall glass. Lynne said 'in a minute because I'm tying a flag on a tree.'

    It was awesome.

    I think I will copy the above and put it on Lynne's and Laurels blogs so they can share in our (sorry I mean my) dream.

    Love Renee

    p.s. when this really happens I am having a room to myself.

  11. oh my god renee - I am so there!! I call I get my own room, too - guess it's going to be a big cottage :)

  12. So glad I found your blog! GORGEOUS! Amazing!

  13. i can't believe i made tree flags a priority over rum and cokes for you guys. ; )

    i'm so right there too... oh what a magical time we'll have...

  14. I know Lynne, Karin and I can't believe it either.

    Okay, Karin, Linda Sue who commented above. I am telling you guys, you would love her. She is talented too and so funny.

    So, I am digging this even more and I think that you and I should be kinda like queens, because we don't feel well and the other three (we have to get Linda Sue) can be at our beck and call. But we will totally make it fair and treat them really well.

    I am so digging this. I am up for Linda Sue as well because odd numbers are always better than even.

    Okay we have to stop at five.

    I love our fantasy cottage.

    I will have to place this all on Linda Sue too so she knows what we are talking about.

    Mind you I absolutely adore Tessa too, I think it will have to be even numbers.

    You and I still get our own rooms and the other four will have to share.

    How is your drink? Mine is delicious.

    p.s. No men allowed unless it is Maithri who I consider a living saint.

    Love Renee

  15. The problem with Tessa is she is over the ocean in England. Damn that ocean between us.

    Love you.


  16. Ocean smocean..what's a little water...I am SO totally there- I will even sleep at the foot of the bed. I will fetch and wear pleasing colours to brighten spirits. Tessa must come, too. I will bake pies and flax bread to eat hot out of the oven. I will make curtains so that anyone who wishes to frisk about scantily clad will not have to worry about the trolls pearing in. YAY! Our Cottage!

  17. rofl, renee! surely i can be a queen too! do you realize that my family's called me TQO (The Queenly One) for YEARS!!! really, can't we all be queens? and linda sue may be the Head Queen because she says she doesn't need her own room... that practically makes her a saint in my book.

    6 sounds good...


  18. you guys are hysterical!! and I'm liking it.
    Linda Sue, I'm never going to want to leave with your bread and pies - I can live on bread, pies and the ocean (and some fresh fruit and a few good drinks!!) We'll string up some giant hammocks, lots of pillows, and won't even want beds. This is all becoming a little too real for me - do you know how crushed I'm going to be when I wake up here tomorrow morning?!
    sweet dreams all.... xoxo K


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