Sunday, January 25

January 25 - The evolution of a journal

(side view close up - inspired by Seth mentioning side views of an art journal are often his favorites. I have to agree!)

Today marks the six month point
for having started this altered book journal.
Kinda hard to believe six whole months worth of art is in here,
but it is - and there is still some room to go!

Here is what the book started out looking like.  
Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a side view at the beginning.   

These two shots are from October, 
at which point I could still keep it under weights, 

in an attempt to stay within the boundaries 
set by the cover and it's binding.   

That lasted, until mid December, when it finally broke through,
and I had to do some damage control, which I wrote about here ...
...and here!

Which brings us to today.  (Tape is for scale)
I still have to rebind it, but decided to wait until the pages are complete, 
so I know exactly how much room I need.  

By the way, the exact measurements 
are 5 inches wide, by 7 ¼ inches long - 
and 7 inches thick at it's widest point!

Now for today's pages...


  1. This is an interesting journal!

  2. hi karin,
    yay - happy book anniversary!!!
    6 months - that time flew... jeannie and i were talking about how happy your journal makes us:) you are so inspiring in so many ways and it is so important that you are sharing that with all of us. it's great to see that your art has taken on a life of its own... peace + love

  3. Phenomenal book. Wondrous book. In the caliber of a hand painted medieval books.

    I wish you could come to my opening too. Wouldn't that be fantasitic?

  4. Wow - what an amazing document !!! Don't you just want to hug it every time you look at it and know you created it ? I would ! Like a mother and her brilliant, beautiful, deep, though-provoking, inspiring, comforting, teacher of a child...Karin and what came through her...

    All that and only six months old - what a precocious child you have given birth to ! ;-)

    Happy Monday !
    xoxo Kim

  5. Wow, it must be amazing to see such evidence of all your days of hard work - in one place. I'm surprised the binding lasted as long as it did! Love Sunday's pages, too btw, I don't know how you always manage to come up with such a fresh look day after day...
    Have a great day!

  6. Honest to God Karin I am so slow on the uptake these days. I kept going back to your first picture and thinking, how the heck did she do that I love it. I just realized it is the side of your books. Duuuhhhh

    What a fantastic piece of art.

    Hope you are feeling well today.

    Love Renee

  7. I love your sincerity and wit. As you invite your blog readers to share your process, they also share in the joy and development. It is like you have support from near and far and it strengthens you greatly.

  8. Happy 6 month Anniversary Karin! I would love to hold that magnificent book in my hands!Creating certainly opens worlds and I'm loving those pages as well as the top photo.

  9. Thanks khaye!

    Hey Jennifer, I'll say the time flew! thank you for your kind thoughts and words - the whole process has taken on a life of it's own!

    wow Zom, thanks. that's high praise! Well, I'll be visualizing your opening, and sharing in the celebration from a distance :)

    Yeah Kim, I do feel a warm glow every time I pick it up - and it is growing at a rapid pace - but thankfully, no diapers!! Though I do use a lot of handiwipes :)

    HI Patti - I am surprised by how well it's stood up, too, and feel grateful every time open it that it's still holding on!

    That's okay Renee! It is an odd picture, which is why I started of with it - to kind of make you wonder :)

    Yes Liara, it's true - having so many people share in this process, through witnessing, does strengthen me!

    Thanks Robyn! I wish you could page through it, too, and that I could see and touch your beautifully carved doors in person....

  10. What a cool project...and, I just love your pages...I come here to drool (heh-heh) in a non-icky-virtual-kind-of-way! Just so beautiful!

  11. Creating Open Worlds and Enjoy Each Other - perfect words to describe this blog. I believe yours was the first blog I checked out and you hooked me with the world you create daily. The book looks fabulous. Certainly a priceless work of art and love.

  12. Thank you so much for taking us on this journey through your journal. It is tremendous and so exciting to see such a full journal. Bursting at the seams! LOVE the first photograph!


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