Saturday, December 27

December 27


  1. Hehe, lovely kittehs... enjoy being a part of our world but still having one of their very own that we're not a part of :)

  2. Cats are magical creatures that teach us so much about ourselves. As we gaze into the eyes of a cat, we are reminded of love, magic and inspiration we can access anytime. The crown aura of this cat intrigues me.

  3. Yes Svasti, they do seem to step in and out of ours and theirs - gracing us with a leg rub, a purr, before returning to the throne of their own kingdom ;)
    I've been spending many an hour with my feline companion of 17 years. As I recover, he's been like velcro!
    Liara, the 'crown' represents something that happened to my old friend - he had a series of seizures on Friday, that shook the both of us. A visit to our vet suggested a brain tumor, and a long night of my cradling his little head between my hands. The next day he went to a neurological vet - nothing was found! Freak energy surge? onset of dementia?! we'll have to wait and see, and continue our daily bonding for as long as we have...

  4. Wow-17 years is a very long kittie friendship to have-you're so lucky! I'm glad your kitty is ok. The journal page is very nice and I love the warm, coffee brown color. I'm glad you have your kitty companion.

    Happy New Year Karin!

  5. i am glad your kitty is okay.:) i have two cats. both rescued from outside my home. one was maybe 5 weeks old and skinny and sick. he is now strong and acts like a dog.:) he likes to play fetch.

    the other i found this summer outside. she was a mess. her fur was a mess due to flea infestation. she was so small i thought she was a kitten. when i took her to the vet, i found out she is between 9-11 years old!!! she has some sort of palsy in her back legs and falls over sometimes. but other than that she is fine and just the sweetest old lady.

    their names are kiko fuentes and lily rossetti.:)

    i just signed up to follow your blog. it is so beautiful. love it.:)

  6. reality has definitely been impeding my wild side!
    Great page :)

  7. Lovely, Karin ...

    May you and your dear kitteh keep each other purring ...

    Sending the touch of gentle hands (and head-bunts!) ...


  8. It feels as if those eyes are looking straight through me. I wonder if your healing hands had anything to do with kitty's recovery. Animals respond so well to touch don't they. I love the thought of him sticking to you like velcro :-)


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