Saturday, January 24

January 24


  1. A grand thing indeed !
    It is early Sunday morning as I read this...David is sleeping later than me which rarely happens...the animals are fed and quiet...the sun is coming up, making it's orange mark low in the sky...I am sipping a coffee and slowly coming around...just to be alive is a grand thing...indeed.

    May your Sunday be filled with grandness in the smallest things !
    xoxo Kim

  2. for my eye the trees in the center of this wheel make such a perfect 'remark' ...the balance point on the tightrope that we walk between pleasure and pain.

    I love the fortune cookie message. Wouldn't it be so fine if it could be felt as true for all living beings.

  3. How nice Kim, to have that quiet time, and be fully aware of so much you appreciate...

    Hey Donna,
    I agree - and did you notice, the shadows create a kind of peace sign out of the trees? I know some days even I need the reminder of the fortune cookie's wisdom...
    xox K

  4. This progressive sense of movement is like a aprofound awakening. It reminds us of sensations the physical body intuits and feels about the astral body. As a person's ethereal shadow awakens, the physical body stays put and can observe its counterpart in the lucid state. Human beings are indeed fascinating creatures. You capture this experience in exquisite detail.

  5. Thanks Liara - I was feeling it in a strong way this particular day, and hoped to be able to portray it. I'm so glad it came through for you. There can be a wonderful kind of tension in the divide, which if we allow ourselves to stay in, becomes quite peaceful - and there is where clarity arrives for me.


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