Wednesday, December 17

Book Repair, Part II

As you may have realized, 
I've been taking my time with careful repair,
removing the old glue and torn paper, 
prepping the surfaces of this old book 
for reattaching it's cover.

Adding extra reinforcement where the cover spine is splitting

and allowing for a little 'rest & recovery' to let the glue dry... 
and in the midst of the process 
I decided to leave my journal un-covered, for the time being, 
because there is no way that this book 
can fit within the confines of this cover any longer!

So once I am all done with the inside, I will make it a new outside, and incorporate the old cover into the new.

I absolutely love the symbolism in all that, and look forward to sharing it all with you once I get to that point in the process.


  1. yes...a new cover for the broken injured saddly worn and most likely hurting spine...

  2. and without it's "hard cover" it's amazing how much more "flexibility" it has for filling :)

  3. It is exciting to see what you are doing with your book.

    How large it is! I had no idea. I am excited to see how it will end up.

  4. You are clearly a resourceful individual with a kind and loving heart. Not everyone would connect with the soul of the spine of a book. You go those extra miles.


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