Friday, December 5

December 5


  1. Gosh!!! I just love your work!! What a gift.

  2. oh good grief! just forget what i said about not commenting because i have no words -- i can't help myself!! gorgeous, gorgeous, karin... the border at the bottom just sets everything off wonderfully!

  3. beauteous inside n' out u r

  4. hi karin,
    i've been sucked into the undertow at school with the holiday bazarre and now student comments... feeling the undercurrent of x-mas and how it brings me down in so many ways.... now more than ever. thank you for such a beautiful image to brighten my spirits tonight... as i sit here weeping with so much sadness and joy at the same time... feeling so much sorrow, yet really trying to find the gratitude and joy...
    i love you,

  5. Hi All,
    Thanks AR, and welcome!
    Lynne, heck, your wordless comments are always welcome ;)
    u2D, u2.
    J, Sometimes we just gotta fully feel that sorrow all on it's own and not even try for the gratitude and joy, trusting it will come in it's time, too - but I'm truly happy that I could provide you with an image to brighten your spirits. (Probably a really good thing you visited prior to my following image! guess we're in a similar place today...) I love you, too, K

  6. The warmth of the sun giving energy to make beautiful flowers. Lovely painting!!

  7. Oh my, this is gorgeous. And I noticed that you posted this on my birthday, so it feels like an unintended little gift for me! I'm soaking those vibrant colors in...


  8. Like this a lot!


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