Saturday, December 6

December 6


  1. Recently, I've fully resembled your latest piece of art, right here... thanks for sharing :)

    I think its a good place to be sometimes, just not always, yeah?

  2. Yeah Svasti, there are times we just have to be in the heat of it. As I look at the image, I see I'm still trying to keep some distance...

  3. Karin ... I just want to write "Thank you..." for every page of your creations ... I keep on thinking, "This is a soul who dives deep and wide ..."

    Bless you xo

  4. Me again ... I've tagged your blog ... :-) What started as a post morphed into meme as well ...

    In appreciation of the beauty you bring to the world :-)

    Jaliya xo

  5. i love each day that you show here, karin. the ALLness of it... this letting in too much of the outside is something i've puzzled over/struggled with for years... part of me knows that i AM that, so how can i be letting too much of it in? and the rest of me is protecting myself from letting too much of it in... xxoo


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