Thursday, September 24

Butterflies galore!

Remember my butterfly sculpture for the Butterfly Project?!
Well, the auction is nearly here, to raise money for the,
Laura Hartenbaum Breast Cancer Foundation,
through the Legacy for Hope.

They now have all the butterflies that will be auctioned off
up and on display on their website, and I am blown away!

Some of you will remember -
I was pretty skeptical about transforming this

into anything attractive!

Well, I should have had faith in my fellow artists.
The participants really did an amazing job,
creating a beautiful assortment of artistic interpretations,
using a variety of materials from decoupage to knitting,
and one completely encased in coins!

Check them all out HERE


  1. Remarkable. You're amazing.

    Bob Weisenberg

  2. Karin you always make beautiful art, so it doesn't surprise me one bit.

    And the work of your fellow participants is also really amazing!

  3. I've always liked that butterfly.

  4. I didn't get that you had got a butterfly each. What a splendid idea! Many of the results where beautiful. Your's is still among my top three, but I'm sure they will get a good deal of biddings all of them.

  5. Karin,
    Your piece blows be away! It's so lovely!
    I checked out all of them and they're fantastic. What a great project and cause!

  6. I checked them out and yours is top of my favourites list. There was a lovelt bright yellow one on page three which I rather liked.

  7. All the butterflies are nice - I swear I'm not being biased, but your butterfly kicks ass!! :-)
    Good luck to all.

  8. Wonderful...thank you for sharing..

  9. wow, they *are* cool! yours is still the coolest... ; )


  10. a brilliant idea! I love yours the best! xoxox amico italiano!

  11. Karin you did a great job and now I am going to look at the rest.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. Karin I looked at them all and some are really good. But yours, well yours is the best.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. Ce papillon est une vraie merveille !
    Un arc en ciel !

  14. why do i always feel like i've been through an art gallery when i come by here! they were all amazing but i'm still biased towards yours.


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