Sunday, August 2

August 2

Today was a misty, quiet, rain drop day with low rumble grumbles in the distance.
Everything had a wet shimmer to it...

my scanner doesn't pick up metalics, so these pics are taken before the daylight dimmed
and prior to doing any of the asemic calligraphy.

Faces seem to appear when ever I begin, these days.

click on images for closer view

Each mark is a moment of awareness. I love these little lines,
seeing beauty move through each individual one,
and joy in them all together.


  1. ahhhh, that pale green at the bottom of the page... the spirals in the eyes...

    me smiling...

    : )


  2. I love those lines too Karin. I can't even imagine how you do them.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. I held my prayer book yesterday and looked and looked and looked and looked.


  4. Your asemic writing never fails to intrigue me, Karin... Meditation on a raindrop day.

  5. wow! gosh darn it, I am still tryin to draw thunder!
    you rock!

  6. You said it best, Karin, when you wrote: "I love these little lines,
    seeing beauty move through each individual one,and joy in them all together." That is exactly what I felt when I viewed them closeup.

  7. Karin, happy unbirthday! My b-day is Aug 2nd. You bless the world as you encourage everyone to open their eyes and other dormant senses. These drawings are mystical. One experiences the brightness of soul. We all celebrate timeless joy. We are awakening. This is not the journey of one person. This is the evolution of everyone. I sense you strengthening inside. This is apowerful time. In gratitude you choose to share your transitions through meaningful and loving images.

  8. hello! Wow, I love your work, so unique and beautiful. This is my first visit here, so glad to find a new blog to visit:)
    I love the faces I am seeing on your paintings and drawings.

  9. I would love to know how long this took! It's amazing. Each line... it blows me away. I hope this means your hands are feeling better!
    My week has been one of computer malfunction, bad circuit breakers, cat bart, water leaking in the basement and soaking 6 loads of... stuff; just the usual:) No art though. boo. Maybe when school starts!


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