Friday, July 3

July 3

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  1. The angel reminds me of one of Antony Gormley's sculptures. Very powerful!

  2. Karin, something makes me feel uneasy, I think it's the red wings, it is makes me "hurt". I don't know why.

  3. Thanks Robyn - you know I LOVE Antony's work, so if there's a hint of that kind of energy, I'm flattered!

    Hi Ces, Thank you for sharing your feelings with me - I'm good with this image causing discomfort. I was experiencing pain myself, it's what inspired the image, so I feel that I succeeded, in part anyway, when you felt the 'hurt' -all part of that experience of breaking open.
    it's the *broken hearts* that *open hearts*...

  4. pain, hurt, and yet a surrender too, that is what breaks it open, isn't it ?

    So beautiful, this surrender to the red winged angel...

  5. "...all part of that experience of breaking open.
    it's the *broken hearts* that *open hearts*..."

    oh god, this brought instant tears... the piercing truth of it.

    my first impression was that the wings *were* the heart... actually, as i sit here i *feel* that our heart is our wing/s...

    i love the colors you chose, karin.


  6. Thanks Kim, yes, there is much potential in that place of surrender!

    You nailed it Lynne - the wings were heart were wings as I painted the image in my brain that followed me around all day. I used the red in hopes of conveying the heart part - thank you for *seeing*. xox K


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