Thursday, July 2

Friend's art, honoring Zack

Several months ago I joined the Art House Coop's Canvas Project. (This is the same group that I did the Sketchbook Project with.)  From Art House's website:
"The goal of the exhibition is to create a visual encyclopedia using mini canvases and artists from all over the world. At least one of your canvases will be published in an Art House book and one will be on display at the worlds busiest Airport, The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport."

I shared the info with Patti over at the Altered Attic, thinking she might enjoy taking on the challenge, too, and she did.  We were given the five words and one 3"x3" canvas per word.  I did not complete the project.  As I was working on it, Zack started to really go down hill, and I abandoned the project and missed the deadline.  Patti, however, touched me deeply by using Zack as one of her inspirations, when she learned of his passing while she was away on vacation.  
For the word Protect - as when a guardian angel provides protection, Patti created this:

Zack also inspired this card my friend Brenda made and sent, in his memory.  I am so deeply moved by these creative works, made by my caring friends, inspired by my so very loved furry friend.  Thank you Patti and Brenda - much love my friends, Karin.


  1. What a beautiful tribute these friends have made for you of Zack. We all know about Zack through you and so have been blessed by his existence too.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Great blog and I'm sure Zack was a wonderful cat.

  3. What lovely gifts that you'll forever treasure!

  4. Beautiful gifts from loving tribe members, Karin. Such sweet love for you.

  5. What a kind gesture! Art is such a loving medium.

  6. 愛!
    I like your blog.

  7. It is not only canines that qualify to be best friends. When you connect with a soul, you have already transcended appearances.

  8. Beautiful, and a wonderful idea....thanks for the inspiration.


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