Thursday, April 9

A little tour & taking flight...

     I finally had success recently, with figuring out how to use my Christmas present, and I thought I'd put it to use and have a little fun, hopefully, with you all today ;^)  So here is a mini tour of part of my home via my past sculptural art work.  A few people have asked me about what else I do, or have done, and this is a small look into that part of my creative side.  I hope you enjoy it, and can ignore my references to sea sickness!!  I look forward to sharing techniques and art play via video in the future.

Here's a review that was written about the Tucson show, mentioning me, titled Space Case
If you are interested, you can find other videos I've done on my YouTube channel.

I'm happy to also share, that I have finished the butterfly and can set it free to take flight into donation/auction land! Feels good to be completed, so here are a few shots from different angles - and as always, you can click on any of the photos for a closer view ☺


  1. Karin I'm freaking out. I can't get the video to work.

    Is it just me?

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. I couldn't get the video to play from your blog because embedding was disabled, so I used the URL and watched it on You Tube. I love the saguaro cactus and the meaning behind it. Great title for it too! The fish-like wood creature on the table was really neat as well. It reminded me of the wooden folk art you get from Mexico.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I loved being in your home again and hearing your voice giving your sweet descriptions... like visiting old friends to walk through your rooms and I miss you! and I miss all of your fabulously creative creatures!! ...and the sumptuous colors of your walls!!

  4. So digging the wood. Wow Karin. Everything was amazing. Can we have a part 2.

    I love your voice just like I knew I would. It is the voice that will fit perfectly with mine.

    My voice and your voice then fairy feathers, then my voice and your voice, then impish laughter, then my voice and your voice then.....

    Love Renee xoxox

  5. I love your sculptures!!! You are an amazing artist.

  6. I love the tour of your home and your art. How fabulous to cover your home in your own art, as well as other peoples!

    Its wonderful to learn how your work progressed and developed.

    Also, I love the butterfly. Where is it being auctioned?

  7. Wishing ya a beautiful night. Love ya butterfly I know someone is gonna snatch it up. Big Hugs~

  8. Hi Renee, no it was me, but I fixed it :)

    Thank you Heather, and I'm glad you were able to find it - I know I goofed on the settings!

    Hey Donna, I can picture you sitting in the living room with me sharing a cup of tea :)

    Thanks Renee, glad you were able to see it this time! I'm sure I'll do more in the future and we can laugh together again!

    Thank you so much Sybil!

    Hi Svasti, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the tour :) Yes, I really do love filling my surroundings with color and art! The auction will be in Connecticut, in October, to raise money for the Laura Hartenbaum Breast Cancer Foundation - a bunch of artists all decorated the same butterflies in their own way. I don't know if I'll attend the auction, but I sure would like to see what everyone comes up with!

    Thank you Poetic Dreams, I hope so :) hugs to you, too.

  9. Hi, Karin! I really enjoyed your "sculpture tour". The sculptures are great, very unique, and I love them all. Thanks for letting us see them!

  10. Wow - so cool hearing your voice and walking through your living room with you hearing about your art pieces! I love your red wall - it really showcases your strange and delightful animals. Your butterfuly turned out so gorgeous -it has to be the best of the pieces donated. can we take part in the auction?

  11. Just wanted to say I think you have a really interesting blog going on here.

  12. hi karin, what a perfect time for me to stop by--i've seen your comments at renee's and wanted to say hello. my partner is a fiber artist and does some similar work with bark, branches, baskets. your house must be just beautiful!

    that said, your voice is so soothing! i could have followed you for hours.

    if you don't mind, i'll be back again? :)

  13. Hi Sharmon, you're welcome :) I'm glad you enjoyed the work and tour!

    Thank you Peggy, I love that red, too. I was so happy with how that color turned out :) I'm not sure about the auction - when I find out more I'll be sure to let you, and everyone, know. I hope they do some kind of online thing - maybe they are planning to, since the work has to be in so early - there must be some reason!

    Thanks Curious, glad you think so :)

    Hi Karen, Does your partner have a blog or website? I always love seeing new artwork! Thank you - I've never thought of my voice that way! Come back anytime, you are always welcome here :)

  14. thank you, my friend!! i loved seeing the wood (and horsehair) and hearing your voice... it sounded just like you this time!! and the butterfly is gorgeous -- i don't think it's possible to make a plastic butterfly look more beautiful!


  15. Amazing to see how you've transformed what seemed to be an ungainly white ornament into a beautiful piece of art. Fantastic!

    It's taken 40 minutes to download 2minutes of the video clip computer is sloooooooow....I've so enjoyed what I've seen (especially the moving spring and hope to see more. You have such a calm soothing voice.

  16. I remember your early wood creatures from CleveLand. What was the name of the gallery in Little Italy??? Can't remember. It'll come to me.

    Oh. And, the distressed furniture pieces...LOVE them. I have wanted to do just that for soooooo long now – same green color too. Did you do them or were they finds from your Tuscon days?

    Hello, magic pepper plant. :D

  17. Thanks Lynne and Robyn :) I think I done good on the plastic thing, too!!
    I actually thought of you Robyn, as I posted the video, feeling badly that it's such a hassle for you. I am truly honored that you are so patient just to see my little diddy - makes me want to create a video masterpiece!

    Hi EM, Probably the William Busta Gallery? that's where I had most of my solo shows. He opened in a new location last year :)
    The glass front pieces of furniture are from Mexico, but the last one, next to the saguaro sculpture is from India, which we got here. That thing is really cool - and weighs a ton!

  18. Please don't feel bad for me Karin. I have to do something about it myself....soon! I was determined to see it to the end and I did. Sooooo worth it! Seeing your home (similar wall colours to my home) and all the fantastic art. I'm about to look at the clip again :-)


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