Sunday, February 8

two more pages in the Sketchbook Project

click on images for closer view


  1. so lovely, lovely pictures! i notice how your images are becoming more and more positive! )

    take care :)

  2. this is nice and quite unusual ... is it acrylic?

  3. Your "two friends" are lovely... fun and full of magic... your art is very moving to me. Roxanne

  4. Wow you certainly have been very busy Karin. I love love love all the creatures-caterpillar, birds & pretty blue eggs. I really love the tribe of gatherers. What a great project. All of the images are uplifting and the message...everything we know is a good one. I liked the poem too. These are fantastic Karin-thanks for sharing!


  5. thanks for your visits Helga, I'm glad you are enjoying my art!

    Hi Tazeen, yes, I am using acrylic paints.

    Thank you Roxanne, those two friends were a lot of fun to create!

    Hi Leslie - yes, I have been busy!! I'm glad you enjoyed the new collection of images and poem. The Everyone We Know theme has been an interesting one to explore. I'm sure I never would have come up with it on my own, so I'm grateful for the Sketchbook Project opportunity.

    By the way, if anyone was wondering, the images in the lotus are of the Dalai Lama, as a child.

  6. I love your journal pages!

  7. Karin I received this the other day.

    Jenny Randazzo posted an announcement to the cause Find A Cure For Lupus.
    As you probably heard from LFA, November 20, 2008 marked the unfortunate 50 year anniversary of not having any new drugs passed by the FDA for individuals with lupus. There is some news that is very hopeful for lupus patients and their loved ones alike.

    "Lupuzor has shown that it modulates, through a unique mechanism, a specific subset of CD4 T cells which play a critical role in the physiopathology of Lupus. This investigational medication has the potential to halt the progression of the disease in a substantial proportion of patients." Cephalon is the manufacturer working on the studies and is paying ImmuPharma a licensing fee of $30 million.

    Lupuzor is advancing to Phase III of drug trials... this is the last phase before a drug can be approved for use in the U.S.

    I hope one day that you and Angelique will get good use out of this pill. Here is to painfree days.

    Love Renee

  8. Somehow I missed this. Did you know dragonflies are one of my favorite symbols - we journey together my friend

  9. And I saw it! Floating in the water column at night mesmerized by the light of my dive light. I guess it was my first encounter with a dancing worm. That's what your caterpillar-like creature reminds me off. How such simple animals can be so beautiful at times!

    Good night


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