Thursday, February 5

Everyone We Know continues...

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  1. A nest of peoples lives, how wonderful.

  2. oh my goodness! these are so smile making, karin! as are the ones from the last post! whether i write or not, i'm sitting here smiling and sighing... xo

  3. These are so beautiful and inspiring.

  4. I've been studying all the pages you've been creating for the sketchbook project. There is something so special about them. I wish i could do a workshop with you to see first hand how you work. I love all the figures and the faces, your face and the feeling of peace within the pages.

  5. Karin -- I hope that this is true. Beautiful, I'm left speechless.

    Hope you are feeling well.

    Love Renee

  6. This is so delightful - you constantly amaze me how you create these wonderful little masterpieces so quickly and you find beautiful words- those two things together, almost everyday- sometimes it just blows me away!

  7. Yes Robert - at first I was trying to make a gazing crystal ball kind of globe, but as it filled up it lost that quality and became what it was/is a nest/globe/whole!

    thank you Lynne, and Lumilyon. So glad you are enjoying them :)

    It would be wonderful to share some time and my studio with you Robyn, to have some creative play time together! If you ever make your way to NY let's be sure to make that happen :) I'm touched by your comment, thank you.

    Thanks Renee, I'm doing ok - had my first p/t session today, so I'm a bit sore and tired. taking the day off from art making to ice and rest!

    Hi Peggy, I thank you for your kind words. I do seem to be in creative over drive, but this came at a price of doing very little work for over a year - maybe this is the result of the dam being broken down!
    For this little book, I chose words for every page ahead of time and loosely laid out the pages. some of it has changed as I've moved through, but it helped me to move rather quickly, having spent the better part of a day sorting through words and finding inspiration for the theme that way. The words seem to guide my images in a rather spontaneous way.

  8. Karin, I swear I could just post every one of your creations to my I Ching blog! Yum, yum, triple yum!

    Healing, healing, and more healing ...


  9. Yes, Karin, I agree with Jaliya. I use I ching too and there are a lots of images that reminds me hexagrams or lines.


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