Saturday, October 11

October 11


  1. I recently experimented with my sculptural gel medium. It wasn't very impressive. I think you have just shown me how to do it.

  2. Hi Dee Dee,
    Actually, I haven't used any medium here. What you are seeing is gesso, applied with heavy brush strokes, which I sand lightly after it dries. The moon shape was laid out on the page with the gesso, too, so it's edge is raised form that brush stroke. The figure, ! just painted on top.

    I find the gel medium good for when I really want to carve a design into the surface, or write words deeply into a surface, but I recently found "super heavy" gesso and achieve the same effect. I've grown to prefer the gesso surface - less plastic like, and easier to work over, while the gel medium almost repels paint, When I want to layer and rub, the gesso takes it on. You can always put a light layer of gesso over the textured gel medium surface - I just prefer to remove that step.

  3. This is new to me and I really enjoyed it. All your posts are done beautifully.


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