Sunday, October 12

October 12


  1. This is amazing!!!
    It looks so congruous. I don't think you painted the background, but it looks like you painted it. If it is a collage, how did you get the brush marks.

    I am both inspired and intimidated.

  2. Thanks Dee Dee, I'm happy to inspire, and will help to demystify so as not to intimidate!!
    The tricks to making the images smoothly integrate is to tear them all out rather than cut. (This 'trick' I learned in a workshop with Nick Bantock a few years ago.) The edges are softened then, making it harder for the eye to see where things begin and end - the way you do with cut, hard edges. The brush strokes on the surface are acrylic varnish that I coated the pages with when I finished, to seal up all the edges. After that, just around the edges of the pages where you see the reddish tint - I used a couple different colored water soluble oil pastels rubbed in as a stain, to give a little dimension and to fill in a couple of spots where some page still showed.
    It's a fun process!

  3. Wow - you've managed to incorporate so many elements without being busy! Ahh, one day:)

  4. this is so cool!!!
    thanks for sharing

  5. WOW these pages are beautiful!

  6. Simply gorgeous...I love the storybook feel of some of your recent this one I especially love the perspective you've created and the colourscape

  7. Your work is very inspiring and Real to me .... the way you are sharing your journey. I think you are showing a way to wade through some rough stuff .... thank you.

  8. love your artworks. to me they are so profound- and there are no words to describe the feelings while i'm watching them.


  9. golly, your work is wonderful, Ive had a rummage round and settled upon this as my fav :-)


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