Monday, August 25

August 25th


  1. i'm glad i stumbled across your blog, i love your work! Do you actually create these in a book or just present them to look that way?
    I love this piece on pain (I have RSD), I can't quite read the lyrics in the poem but I would love to know what they say?

  2. Thanks caf, chronic pain is a theme I deal with a whole lot better through creating my art.

    the text reads:
    as time slips by
    another night passes
    leaving me in it's wake
    I'm still awake
    Not tired, not wired
    my body rides the waves
    My joints, my nerves, me cells
    alive, on fire, wide open
    until I finally fall
    am under the folds
    escaping into my night
    your day.

  3. the look on his face - i wouldn't want to mess with him - glad he's on your side:)


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