Sunday, August 24

August 23-24

Sometimes it's so good, to just draw.


  1. You read my blog, and faved it . Cool, thanks.I am in a bit of a funk, as you read. It will pass. Keep reading
    and there is those are my paintings. I sure like yours...
    be well,

  2. these drawing are fantastic, so mystical and intriguing. they have a deep spiritual quality to them, I'm sure they reflect your life experiences! thank you for visiting and commenting on my painting- coming from you, those comments helped! And thanks for the blog award, that was quite generous of you!

  3. Thanks JLevel - I like your paintings, and I'm sure you'll be able to translate your recent experiences and 'funk' into something rich.

    Hi Odd Chick! thank you for your feedback on my drawing. It seemed to flow from that mystical place you see, so it's good to know the translation came through...

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your artwork!

  5. I like your work a lot. It's very profound and spiritual. I am myself an artist but I don't write a blog about it. Maybe I should. Thank you for the award! It made me so happy that you chose me!
    I look forward to see more of your artwork! :)

  6. I forgot how i got here, but what caught my eye (after your drawing) was that you're in New Rochelle and practically a neighbor.
    Also into altered books and intending to do a class for teens in the fall.
    A friend who passed curated The Art of the Book at the Pelham Art Center awhile back... my introduction to "altered" books. She also along with another friend did an exhbit at Silvermine.. sheesh, you sure are bringing back some good memories!
    Great blog and great art. I'm bookmarking you :-)

  7. Well, it just goes to show - as expansive and huge as this cyber space is, it's a small world after all!! Glad I could help spur some good memories and that you enjoyed seeing my work.

  8. Hi Lovelie, you're welcome! Your dishes are so beautifully presented and recipes inspiring for vegans and other eaters alike!
    Yes - I encourage you to share your artwork, too!!


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