Wednesday, January 16

At long last...

A belated Happy New Year everyone!

It has been so long since my last post, I'm not even sure how to begin again.  The past year has been a mixture of challenges, joys, and frustrations - as I suppose all years are!  But for me, that meant needing a period of time away from my blog.
Beyond Words was intended to be purely a place for sharing my artwork.  Over time, and a deepening of my connection to all of you, I shared more and more words.  More and more of my life, but still it was primarily prompted by my art, an image, a visual representation of me, or my view of the world around me.  Over the past year I stopped creating.  My body, my hands, my energies limited my activity to the pure essentials.  I fell into a depression at the loss of my artist self as I knew here, but had to accept my limitations, and find meaning through other avenues.   

Enter My newest love!
Meet Maki!
Maki is now two years old, a Yorkie Poo rescue, from Saving Paws Rescue, a local no kill, all volunteer organization.  This little guy is full of life and energy, and there isn't a moment I spend with him that I don't feel anything but love and joy.  He's been my life line during my toughest days.  Of course, now that I'm feeling that I can get back to work he's a little reluctant to give up the full attention I gave him, but he's becoming a pretty good studio mate!

And speaking of studio, it is finally, truly finished and organized, and absolutely the most amazing space I've ever worked in.  Here are a few views...

Remember the shelves I was working on last year?
Here they are, finished and filled!
Now I just need a cozy chair to curl up in!!


And I have been hard at work in the new year, finishing a sketchbook for the 2013 Sketchbook Project.  If you have never participated in one of the Art House Coop projects, I highly recommend looking them over, especially if you need a kick start to your creative butt!

The Cypher

We were provided with a moleskin sketchbook, which I took apart and re-bound.

I cut windows in every page, and sandwiched in translucent paper squares that I had done asemic writing on.  The surrounding frames were collaged with papers from a variety of sources, in a variety of languages - all unreadable to me, but beautiful in the rhythm and movement of the text and markings.

You can see a few more shots of this book, and other work I've submitted to the Art House Co-op in the past, on my photo page there: Karin's Projects!  
I am glad to be back, and hope to share again soon because of frequent visits to my studio! I don't know how often that will actually be, but certainly not the daily posts of my earliest years, and not merely once every 14 months either!  Thank you all who have reached out during my absence - it has meant everything to me...


  1. Welcome back, I look forward to seeing more, Love that book.

  2. Well, I'm just meeting you not missing you, but enjoying your reflections from scratch as it were. Found you from a link a friend sent me of your mandala journal videos. Being a fan of mandalas as well, I enjoyed seeing yet another process. Your studio is beautiful! Hoping you will find yourself in it daily. Blessings,

  3. Thanks Penny, it feels great to be back!

    Nice to meet you Cheryl. Thanks for coming by - I'm glad your friend shared my video with you!

  4. Oh my goodness I am 10 times happy to see you here.

    You studio is wonderful. Lots of love and hard work.

    Come visit us as you can.

    I understand and you remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Maki is precious precious precious. I am so happy he has you, and you have him.

    I was so excited about you being back, I forgot to say a welcome to Maki.

    I am a great lover of cats and dogs.


  6. Thank you Sandi! Your excitement is contagious, and warms my heart! Maki appreciates the warm greeting as well :-). xoxox

  7. Hi Karin. Good to see you and your beautiful studio as well as your new family pet member Maki. Lovable God's little creature. Of course he will be there at your side when you need him. That's how they are, always there and never asking anything in return except one's love. Hope you are doing better and someone mentioned you mandala journal and how I remember that. I'll have to go see it again, it's awesome. Take care of yourself and here's hoping you pop in to leave a post as your time allows. Take care.

  8. the studio looks wonderful and so neat! mess it up a little! I'm so glad you are back. we'll be looking forward to visiting with you!

  9. Dear Karin. I love your new little buddy...and the studio is elegant and spacious. The restructured moleskin is another amazing example of your incredible processes. I love reading your words and seeing the beautiful sacred marks you make. PEACE, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. Karin----Everything looks wonderful! What a tremendous book too! You have amazed me. Doing a little more than we all thought. Your poodle-doodle baby looks like you could just hug her all day. Bravo girl! We knew you could do it!

  11. Wow, your studio is amazing!!!!!! I love it and, yes, have a bit of studio envy, yours looks so organized and you can see the floor - ha.
    Maki is precious, what a wonderful gift for your beautiful spirit - so glad you have that companionship.
    The journal, btw, is so completely amazing, the detail and artistry are reflective of your skill - no matter how long it has been.
    Take care and much love,

  12. OMG! Glad to see so much beauty in your life, and the gorgeous book!

  13. So good to see you posting again and WOW about both the new puppy and the studio!!

    I owe you an email. Lots to tell! xx

  14. Karin, I love you book, would love to see, hold it in my hands.. very inviting! I'm am so happy that you are able to finally make good use of your beautiful studio space and that Maki has brought so much joy back in to your life! I'll goo look at the other sketch books now!


  15. Hi Gloria, yes indeed, a dogs job is never done! Thanks for visiting, and your message!

    Thanks Lyle! And Toni - both of you have been a great support of encouragement and care in my absence here xoxox

    Thank you Mary Helen!! It really is a peaceful and spacious place to retreat to and work from - I am very fortunate. Glad to be able to share again :-)

    Ha! Yes, it is very organized and clean still Patti! Hopefully that will change - actually, it has a little already. Those pics were taken before I made the Sketchbook! Thank you for your support my friend. Much love to you, too.

    :-) you've given me a big smile Rosa! Thank you!! xo

    Thank you Svasti - it has been far too long, and I've missed you all. I look forward to hearing all about your new adventures! xo

    Hi Laura, thank you dear friend. I wish I could place it in your hands! xoxo

  16. Karin, it is wonderful to have you back and I'm so delighted that you are creating art again. The book is beautiful! (Your photographs are excellent too). As far as I'm concerned asemic writing means Karin Bartimole and I've really missed it. I'm so glad Maki has come into your life. Your studio .... a sanctuary to disappear into for hours on end. Now find that comfy chair :-)

  17. Welcome 'OM' dearest K

    YAY!!! So excellent to see your Maki boy, your space and your gorgeous book...all so uplifting and inspirational.

    I haven't been in the blog-o-spere since September but I had to jump in when you told me you had posted such good news.


  18. Hey K
    Welcome 'OM'
    Your space, your pup,your book...all inspiring...all good...all so wonderful to see.


  19. We missed you so but it looks as if you had fabulous company in your absence, what an adorable pup! You studio looks amazing. Looking frward to seeing what it inspires you to come up with.

  20. Oh how heavenly to hear your voice again !
    I am so grateful that you are now in a place where you can create again and where you can enjoy that amazing space.
    Looking so forward to reconnecting!
    Sending love and light, as always !

  21. Hi Robyn, Believe it or not, the photos were taken with my iPad. I was surprised how well they turned out myself! Thanks for your visit and kind words. xoxo

    Hey D, thank you for visiting and leaving me your welcoming message. Big hugs!! xoxox

    Maki and I thank you Deb. It is good to be back! xo

    Many thanks Riccardo, and welcome!

    Thank you so much sweet Kim, I will be by soon to catch up on all you've been up to - and everyone!!
    Love to you :-)

  22. Did you move blogs? Or are you writing anywhere else?


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