Thursday, December 25

December 25

Peace on Earth
This is a favorite cartoon of mine, which I look forward to seeing every year!
I was so pleased to discover is was available for me to share with you -
a holiday message from 1939 that couldn't be more modern in it's thinking,
timeless really.

And these are photos I snapped out the car window,
while riding back from my trip into the city, and saved for today!
They came out perfectly - neither was cropped or enhanced in any way...
ho ho ho!!!
I know I should black out the commercial aspect of it...


  1. If Santa drinks coke as often as he consumes festive biscuits, you may wonder whether he will need a replacement suit sometime soon!

  2. I hadn't seen this cartoon in a couple of years and now that I have my own pink and blue grand babies it means something more.

  3. Wow! I've never seen this cartoon. Thanks for sharing.

    First time visiting your site - I'll be back.

  4. Where did you see a cool vintage billboard ad like this? I wish we had them in my area!

  5. Glad folks enjoyed the cartoon!
    The sign is just outside NY city on I-278, I believe. I don't think we had reached I-95 yet, but somewhere between the Triborough Bridge and New Rochelle...


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