Saturday, August 13

comings, goings, and give aways

Hi all, I've been off the blogging track for a while now, and I really miss everything about the give and take of sharing here.  I will try to address my absence more soon, but for today let me mention some of the more significant occurrences this summer has brought.

My father is home, doing well and on the mend.
(taken during his most recent visit,
prior to the fall)

Our old gal, sweet Zana has died -
her absence, still palpable....

Come and gone
1 year of studio construction, 

(we just passed final inspection this week -
still a few loose ends to tie up but
pictures and tour to come)

and my 50th birthday - woo HOO!

(glasses c/o lyle and toni - thanks gals!!)
but loooong past, is when I ought to have chosen the winner of my give away.

so finally -
without further ado,
hat please.....

and the winner of the garden journal (and seeds) is
Jane Wetzel!!

And to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my blog,
I drew a second name
to win a second journal and book on bookbinding.
& congrats goes to

Thanks to all who participated,
here and on Facebook - your support means everything to me.
more soon,


  1. How I adore the picture of you with your cool glasses from the ladies ! You look so happy and your eyes are shining with joy ! Beautiful to see.
    Congrats to the lucky winners.
    So glad Dad is doing okay.
    I hope you are too, Beautiful Karin.
    Much Love and hugs on your Zana missing heart. Light and love, my friend !

  2. Karin, you look so *alive* ... so vibrant :-)

    Your father looks quietly vibrant too, as he reads ... So glad that he is emerging :-)

    Zana ... xoxoxoxo

    I still love that gentle grey in your new studio!

    Bless xoxo

  3. Congrats to the winners, they won some great gifts, and glad your father is on the mend. He looks very relaxed reading. So sorry about the loss of your family pet member Zana, that is always so sad to accept. You look very cool with your glasses and and beautiful eyes that don't look a day past 21and also a Happy Birthday Karin and many many more. Also Happy 3rd year Blog Anniversary. Your studio looks great. I anticipate a lot of great work coming out of there. Take care and be well.

  4. Oh my gosh! Can u hear me squealing with joy over here??? Yikes!!! I WON- YAY!!!! thank you thank you thank you! Awesome from a very talented newly elected 50 yr old incredible artisteeee... :) jane
    p.s.....H A P P Y BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  5. Congratulations to the winners. Love that photo of you in the glasses. So glad things seem to be going well.

  6. Congrats to Robyn and Jane for winning the giveaway! You look totally adorable in that photo- though you certainly look 50! I'm glad your dad is recovering, and that you look so vibrant and happy! xox

  7. It has been a busy and eventful time for you. First the happiest of birthdays to you. So glad to hear that your father is doing well but so sorry to hear about Zana. The studio looks wonderful and I look forward to seeing more. Congrats to both winners as well.

  8. happy birthday love your pictures

  9. Happy 50th Birthday Karin - glad to hear that your dad is on the mend - so sorry to hear about Zana. xxxx

  10. A belated Happy Birthday to you Karin! I'm so delighted to be a winner and what a wonderful prize. Thank you so much! Happy your dad is on the mend.... but so sad about your beloved Zana. They leave such a gap in our lives when they go.

  11. Hooray for you! back to the blog. we all have missed you ! glad dad is doing well and toni and I love the photo and no you dont look my idea of 50! we are anxious to see what the new studio looks like when you fill it!

  12. Dearest Karin,
    Happy happy birthday to you. You look fabulous in those 50 glasses
    ( you young one!!) and your dad looks wonderful in the picture- as if nothing ever happened to him. So so sorry about your dog Zana- my thoughts are with you. It must be a very difficult time with all going on to lose a loved one like this.
    Can't believe that Studio of yours- it's bigger than my whole apartment!!!
    Congrats to your two lucky winners. You are always such a generous soul! xo hugs

  13. Happy belated Bday..I love the glasses..The studio is looking wonderful..I know you are looking forward to spending time in your new space of inspiration.

  14. Happy day's so good to see you back and looking so jaunty in your hat and specs as you pass the half century mark.

    So much love...what a summer so far.


  15. I love how you're wrapping up your life, like one great big 50th birthday gift and offering us,your readers the contents--the beautiful pictures of Zana, your father resting, & you as the belle of the 50's ball. May this new year bring you much pleasure and joy; in your studio and in life.

  16. Adore your birthday photo! Adore YOU! So sorry you lost your pup this summer. Sad, so sad.
    Your studio looks fantastic and full of light- just like you!

  17. Hey, that guy looks pretty good!

    Oh, that was before the fall.

    Thanks, Kar


  18. Happy birthday (belated, but with fresh hopes for happiness and love every day)! And, I love your studio! BEAUTIFUL!

  19. karin, i'm late to the party but wishing you the happiest year ahead.

    i just discovered your review of my book ! thank you so much. it made my night ♥

  20. I am saving the 60 glasses ...I got them for my birthday so you can use them next!!!! Your father is one handsome man and Zana is always with you my dear, You are so loved!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  21. Hello, dearest Karin!

    Oh my, what a summer you have had, full of tremendous highs and tremendous lows. I am so very relieved to hear that your father is on the mend. In the same breath, I am heartbroken about the passing of your dear four-legged companion. I'm sure there is emptiness still.

    But, my dear, I also want to sing and dance with you for your grand and very important birthday! I hope you had the time of your life. May this year bring new excitements, new life, new spaces in the attic, new lessons and adventures. May all your dreams and wishes come to fruition! Happy blog anniversary too! My goodness, so much to celebrate!


  22. happy birthday and welcome back!

  23. I think of you Karin and wish you well. You are in my prayers. I hope the new year brings good news. Tsup!


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