Thursday, July 14

bring forth this mind

On the 4th of July my dad fell off his bike,
hitting his head,

Our family has learned a lot about the brain,
and it's ways of self preservation -
how it shuts systems down while dealing with healing.

Thankfully, my dad is now in physical rehab, having survived seizures
and come back from his brain's time out.

Still, surgery lies ahead, to drain away the blood
and pressure that remains.

Your healing thoughts and prayers brought renewed life to Zana.
It's truly been amazing how she's rallied after I last posted.

So I know the power of your positive vibes!
Please send them out for my dad
as he works on regaining his strength,
and making his way back home.


  1. Wow, your dad sounds like an amazing person! Sending you and him all my very best wishes and thoughts of healing. I'm sure he'll make it through.

    Love to you and Zana as well! xx

  2. I definitely will send
    ::healing vibes:: to your dad Roldo. He sounds like he is doing good. Thoughts and prayers are with his speedy recovery and also always with you Karin. That's a wonderful piece inspired by what has transpired, I'm sure. Take care of yourself. My best to you Karin's Dad, Roldo!

  3. Oh an I am so glad Zana is doing so much better. ::hugs to Zana::

  4. Your art work is a prayer in itself - really just lovely. Blessings of healing for your dad. And little scratch for Zana.

  5. Where is Columbus is he hospitalized? I have had very optimistic care and diagnosis at Riverside. Is there anything I CAN DO TO HELP? I am sending you and your Dad healing thoughts and prayers. Love you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Of course I am sending healing thoughts to your father, a worrying time.
    Your paintings are so inspirational in themselves.

  7. I hope you have sent your beautiful artwork to where ever your dad is having rehab .just to have it in the room should make him feel your love! I'm serious. I've been wishing him well since I first heard from you!. please give the pup a little squeeze for me!and a big hug for you!

  8. Will do Karin~~so sorry to hear of your father's fall and subsequent issues; will pray things will go fine and as his brain is ready, will be back to full function again.
    Take care of yourself too during this time....♥♥♥


  9. karin - sending healing thoughts and prayers this morning for your dad. so glad to hear the news about zana! (this is an amazing piece you've shared here...a painted prayer.)

  10. will do karin! will carry him around in my heart... you are there too and so is zana:)

  11. My thoughts, my prayers, my vibes are all being sent his way. Best to him on his recovery and to you and your family as well.

  12. Hi Svasti, yeah, my dad is an amazing person :) thanks for your love and support!! xox

    Thank you Gloria, he is doing well! Since I wrote this he's had another ct scan, which has shown that the blood clot is liquifying, which will make it's removal much easier to drain, and the procedure a less invasive one - all really good news!!
    Although Zana rallied, the past couple days have shown a dramatic slow down. We believe her time with us will peacefully transition this weekend... xoxo

    Hi Teri, thank you so much - making art is a prayerful process for me; the purest form of prayer, for me.

    Hi Mary Helen, actually Roldo is in Cleveland, which is where I grew up. Thank you so much for offering your generous help!! My sis lives in Columbus :) Your prayers and healing thoughts are plenty! love you, too! xox

    Thank you Penny - yes, it has been worrying, but we are feeling a whole lot better, and very positive about dad's progress. xo

    Hi Lyle, yeah, I made a nice sized print of it, since it's in a book, which I'm sending out to him! thanks for all your support and care. xoxo

    Thanks Anne - I like your positive and matter of fact statement about the situation! So be it :) xoxo

    Hi Stacy, thank you for your added thoughts and prayers. Yes, it was really wonderful having extra time with Zana, seeing her have pep in her step, and appetite gusto for a little longer. sweet girl is sleeping by my feet now...

    thank you Jennifer! hope to talk soon :) xox

    and thank you Seth, your positive energy is a truly appreciated gift to me and my family!! xo

  13. Prayers, light and love are all around you, Beautiful Friend, as you share your loving energy with your family.
    Big, big love from me.

  14. Healing thoughts for your Dad.
    My thoughts and prayers.

  15. Sending healing thoughts for your dad, Karin. Something like this pulls the family together and your dad will certainly feel loved which goes a long way to help him heal.

  16. sending love and healing energy to your whole family Karin!

  17. i'm sending love, karin. renee-sized love.


  18. Glad to see your post this morning. Glad Raldo is better and on the road to recovery. Love you sweet pea, all my hugs and love to both of you, Sea

  19. the brain is an amazing piece of work! And when I saw your art with it's (on my screen) turquoise coloring I saw a stone I gave to my husband the other day, of turquoise and looking as a brain. We had been in a mediation circle wherein we learned that the turquoise is a healing and magical stone. So you see my long story reveals that you have given your father the gift of a turquoise stone for healing of his brain.

    Praying for him and you.

    joy & harmony in all that you do

  20. What a stunning healing page. I'll be practicing my tonglen for your family for the rest of the week.

  21. What a beautiful page! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for your dad's recovery.xxxx

  22. Dear Karin,
    Sending very special healing thoughts for your dad's continued recovery. The brain is an amazing organ- although so very complicated. Sending prayers for his upcoming procedure. Hugs to you and know you're in my heart as well!

  23. Great piece of art, though I'm so very sorry about its origin - hope your dad is continuing to improve. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers!

  24. sending love and healing to your dad

  25. Thank you Kim, Katelen, Robyn, Laura, kj and Sea - all your collective shared good thoughts are helping me know there is an energetic ring of support circling the globe, the way I envision it circling my dad! I have good news - he had his first night home last night and has regained a lot of his strength. He still has to have the procedure to remove the blood, which will happen next week, but he's well on his way past this one lousy set back.

    Paige, I know exactly the kind of turquoise chunk you're describing!! thanks for sharing the healing properties of turquoise and your prayers. xo

    thanks also, for sharing your tonglen practice with my family Phoenix, and your prayers Megan.

    Ah Jill, yes you do know that magnificence of the brain, and of it's resilience. xoxox

    thank you Patti ♥
    and for your healing message faerian!
    many thanks to you all xoxo

  26. Oh my goodness Karin--my thoughts and blessings go out to your dad, to you, to Zana with wishes for healing and peace. I am amazed by your ability to weather these storms through art--which becomes a gift for us as well, a kind of double, triple, geometric healing.

  27. I just discovered your blog when I found the bookbinding tutorial you posted in 2009.

    I'm sorry to hear about your father and Zana. Sometimes life piles up on us all at once. Sharing always makes you stronger, so I'm adding my positive vibes and sending them out to all your family so you can share them.

  28. All my best wishes and thoughts to you and your family. Your art and writings are such an inspiration in my life.

  29. Will do, Karin. I wish you and your family the strength to help him on his journey of healing, too. xoxo

  30. I hope your Dad is continuing to improve...all my positive thoughts and energies are going his way!
    Beth P

  31. mercy on you all, my friend xoxo


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