Thursday, March 31

so grateful

I woke up today feeling really good!
It felt good to feel good,

and to think "I can paint today!"

for the first time in weeks. 
So here is my mandala in honor of birds.
Every day, I turn to my bird feeders, no matter how I'm feeling,
and they bring me joy.  

They bring flight to my imagination,
help guide my mind, and help it to soar 
above and beyond worries, complaints, and sorrows.

I am always grateful and delighted by birds!

I am also extremely grateful to the good samaritans that rescued our 17 1/2 year old dog, who wandered out onto our busy street and was lost this week, when reckless workers left our back door open to the elements... but we are blessed to have her back, safe and sound, and a bit weary after her 19, or so, hour adventure!

home sweet home!!


  1. Oh my word, Karin...poor baby. Oh my your family pet member really looks exhausted and so sad of what it's been through. You are so lucky to have gotten him/her back. I'm happy you did. Oh my goodness, how you must love this creature of God. I know I do my family pet members those now and in the past. There is nothing in the world like their beautiful ways and forever love. I'm ready to cry...::wiping tears:: I'm so happy you are feeling better and I can see that your work is again outstanding as always. Beautiful colors, awesome birds and just great technique. I hope you continue to feel as you do today and always. Thinking of you and poochie who I already love. Tee hee.

  2. beautiful birds! and oh, that poor baby...glad you got your Precious One back. :)

  3. This mandala is way cool. love the birds. so glad they inspired you and that you passed it on. i've missed your beautiful and thoughtful art. i'm glad you're feeling better right now. i'm really happy you have your sweet dog back!

  4. Hooray for hands that tell you they are ready to paint!!

    And super-hooray for Zarah the lovely old lady. So pleased she was found and returned. xo

  5. Great to see your paintings,it's been awhile for me and when I see the colors and the mandala details I feel warm in the belly like comfort food for the soul thanks Karin

  6. karin, 19 hours? there will be plenty of rest to get over that ordeal but he's home. xo

    this mandala: just the bright colors tell the story. i'm so glad you're feeling better.

    you like birds? you might be interested in my friend lo, or annie at bimbimbee. and lori at loritimesfive, just for her always great photographs.

    just in case you want few more good people and a few more good birds in your life these days.


  7. I lost one for 10 days, on the farm, down the inspection hole in the workshed, and she was still alive!And still is today. Yours looks rather weary.
    I am so glad it was a good day and I love your birds.

  8. I'm so happy to see that you are feeling some better! the birds are wonderful, arent they! doing their spring thing! poor pup! know she is happy to be with you.Now I'm wishing for warmer weather to inspire all of us! no more snow!

  9. I'm so glad you got your dog back! What a worry that must have been. Your bird mandala is really nice.

  10. Birds are the most amazing little healers. So glad you are enjoying yours and very relieved that your old friend is home safe and sound. Your bird mandala makes me think of the little flock of finches that visit my bird table. They can be so competitive.... One minute they are eating happily and the next you see a spinning feather ball as they fight to keep their place on the table.

  11. Karin, this mandala is so full of life and hope; a beautiful reminder of spring and renewal. I choose to see it as a sign of better days ahead for you because I don't think you could have painted it if you weren't feeling much better. Keep well! xox

  12. Hi Gloria, I know - she was completely depleted!! She's still in recovery mode, poor little thing! She (Zana) has really bad arthritis in her back, so her hind legs don't work well, and her tail is usually tucked under her butt. I haven't seen her truly wag her tail in about a year, but when I picked her up at the shelter, she lifted it up high and gave a full wag of relief and joy at seeing a familiar face!!
    and thank you for the good feeling thoughts - I'm holding them in my mind and heart, and so it will be!! xoxox K

    thank you Linda! home is a good place :)

    Thanks so much Peggy, it feels good to be back!!

    Hi Svasti! Yes - hooray all around :) a roller coaster week, coasting in with pleasure and a whew!! xoxox K

    Your comment warms me Sevapuri - thank you! I felt my soul expand, being able to return to both my painting and sharing it with you all. xo

    hi kj, thank you for the links! i know lolo, but not the other two, so off to meet some new inspirations!! and yeah, the over night part was the hardest, with Zana being missing. It's still so cold at night - but I had to trust that she was seen, found, and helped - as I would have done for her if it had been me seeing her. Thankfully she had that sweater on, making it obvious she was someone's and loved!! The rescuer told me that really was the clincher to picking her up! love to you, k

    wow Penny! 10 days is a long time stuck i a hole! I'm so glad it ended well and she is with you still today!! There was a story in our local news last week about a dog lost in a house fire. The owner went back a month later and heard something behind the wall, and lo and behold, there was her pup - dehydrated and hungry, but otherwise okay!! little miracles :)

    thank you lyle - it feels great! and yes, I just love the birds... i lose time watching them! amen to warmer temps - then I can sit outside and listen to them, too!! xox

    Hi Janet, yes, it was a toss and turn night!! thank you for your kind words.

    Hi Robyn, I can just picture the little flock of finches as you describe them, feather balls tussling, and it makes me laugh! thanks for that image :) xox K

    Hi Sonia, that's exactly how I am feeling - very hopeful and assured of what is to come as the dust settles and I am fully rested, and the house becomes home again!! thanks, xoxo K

  13. so glad to hear you're feeling better, and that zana's adventure had a happy, love, love the mandala!

  14. Hi Karin!

    So glad you had a GOOD DAY!!! And ART!!! (beautiful art at that....*beam*)
    Sometimes things are just right for the world to be good, everything to fall in place, life to improve.
    I am happy and smile for you~~~may this continue and continue.
    X 100000!!!!

    Anne.....muddling along

  15. Hurrah!! How wonderful to wake up and feel good! I'm absolutely thrilled - best love to you as ever.

  16. I'm happy to read that you paint again.
    And that you feel good.

  17. I am so happy you feel good today!

    You are every day remembered and in my prayers.

    Thank goodness your baby was returned safe and sound!

    Wishing you a most wonderful day. Love the mandala!

  18. I am so very grateful that you were given the gift of a good day and time and strength to paint. Yay ! And so deserved.
    There is truly something in every day to be grateful for, isn't there, Beautiful Karin ? Even on those really rough days.
    May the good painting days increase as the spring blossoms upon us. Big, big love to you, My friend.

  19. What a gorgeous mandala Karen! I love the way in which the bird's beaks meet in the middle, as if they are bringing nourishment for each other. Equally inspiring is the Hebrew lettering in the bottom--all of it is food for thought. So glad you are feeling better and that your beloved dog is safe at home.

  20. This mandala is wonderful and your renewed energy is coming through in the colors. I am so grateful your dear guardian pet is home safely. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the coming of Spring. Peace, Mary helen

  21. It is so wonderful to see you painting and as always your art is beautiful. Birds are so beautiful.
    Your baby looks so tired laying down. So cute.

  22. So wonderful to see you paint, post, and feel some joy. Glad you are feeling better. It is great to see some of your wonderful art again.

  23. I am deeply grateful for your friendship Karin, and the radiance you add to the world through your presence!

    Thank you to the Spirit of the World for creative energy, for painting, for kind strangers, for every breath of life that connects us, one and all.


  24. how scary about your puppy. i'm glad she was able to get home safe and sound.

    and i'm so happy to see that you have been able to paint, beautiful

  25. hot colors, happy! birds hidden under the chili peppers in to discover them!

  26. Thanks for visiting. I haven't been back in a while. So glad your baby 17 1/2 baby is back and safe and sound....fabulous mandala. Glad you are painting! xox Corrine

  27. beautiful vibrant birds and a lucky little dog x

  28. Your Mandala is beautiful. I always smile when I see your art. So good to hear you are feeling good :) xJ

  29. Hey K
    I can simply allow all these posts to come together in a crescendo of YAY!!

    Yay for your hands and heart creating your magic art and Yay for Zana home again home again!!



  30. I breathe a sigh of relief that your dog is home. And I am delighted to see your lovely image. How wonderful it to let creativity flow.

  31. I love it! And i'm so happy to read you're feeling good! :-D


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