Tuesday, September 21

construction update

Hi Everyone,
View of back of house, prior to construction
I thought it was about time to give you all an update of the studio construction zone.  It's been going slowly and the work that has been done wasn't exactly easy to see in photos, until recently.  It's all still pretty raw, but the dormer is done, the windows are in, and the interior framing is mostly complete.   

Below, this room has been divided and will be where I keep my books, reference materials (left picture), and the bathroom (center picture), which is now framed up (last pic).

and here is the main space, where the dormer was added - raising the ceiling and adding 6 new windows worth of light.  It's a beautiful open space...
and now

and there's the great view!

I'm sorry for the lack of communication from my end.  I've been home from the hotel for a couple of weeks now, but haven't been doing too well.  I'm not sure what's causing what, but I've continued to have strong bouts of nausea, and a great deal of pain.  Both chemo and radiation seem to trigger underlying conditions and reignite past injuries, like my back and hand surgeries.  How long these effects last is unknown to me, but I'm told I need 'more time'.  For now I am unable to do any art, and typing really hurts, as well, so I've been laying low.  Hopefully things will settle down soon, and once that studio is ready for me, I'll be ready for it!

Happy last day of summer, or last day of winter, depending on where you're living!!


  1. Good to see you back Karen. Sorry to hear you are still feeling pain. Maybe, like the seasons, that will pass, and the you are healing within without visible signs, similar to the dormant roots and bulbs in the ground. You will bloom again soon sweet lady xxJ

  2. Good to see you Karin. I'm sorry you are having a lot of pain. I'll sending you "good healing thoughts" and hope you are well soon. I bet the new room is starting to inspire you. Just looking forward to the time you will spend in there being creative does certainly arouse the senses. Just think Karin, your place, your study, your creative place, and ever your own bathroom. Tee hee. Make sure you have a little frig in there and even a microwave in case you get hungry. :)) Also you get an electric skillet for simple cooking. How fun!! It's what I have in my studio except I don't have a bathroom, darn! Have a great week Karin, nice to see you. I pray you don't have pain.

  3. Sweet Karin,
    sending love and healing energy your way.

  4. Bundling you up in a cocoon of spun cloud, sunrise colour, and bunny fluff...Cushioning tenderly. Be well!

  5. what a beautiful studio. get well wishes from the UK to you.

  6. I'm sorry you're not feeling better. It must be frustrating, after all you've been through, to have to wait still longer to get back to "normal"- whatever that is, right? The new studio space looks fantastic, and hopefully you and your studio will both be ready at about the same time. Much love to you, Karin.

  7. Hey, darlin' ... We haven't been in touch for a while. So glad to see that your creative sanctuary is coming along! Restoration time in lots of ways!

    You'll be needing lots of time to recover from not only the illness but the therapies ... Your whole body and being have experienced massive stresses ...

    I'm going through quite the transformation too ... in another way ... I've written about it at my "Pushing Fifty..." blog ...

    Love you, Karin xoxoxoxo

  8. So glad to see you back and that wonderful Studio space, but so sad that you are still in pain. Healing thoughts from me.

  9. so cool to see photos! am thinking about you... missing you... maybe we can catch up soon:)

  10. awesome photos! yeah, yeah it's well on its way.

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I know it will happen. You will wake up, from a nap perhaps, and feel better then before the illness.

    feel positive, and positive will fill you

  11. These photos show a great space- it's going to be so cool to have everything in one place! I'm sorry you having some set-backs, I hope full recovery is just around the corner because you've been through enough! I say ENOUGH already!

  12. so nice to hear from you dear, and do take care of yourself. just rest as much as possible and have some fun if you can. thanks for keeping us up to date on the progress of your beautiful studio! I am knowing that feeling great is is in an moment now!! xoxoersuic

  13. thank you for taking the time to share these amazing pictures, karin. i am visualizing you creating art with that light and open air around you. your studio is going to be world class!

    i hope you will feel better. damn cancer. i know your hands want to get back in action. i hope it's soon.

    meanwhile, rest and take care.


  14. Hi Karin best wishes for your return and well being much love

  15. It looks MARVELLOUS Karin! Someday I'd love to have a space like that to teach yoga in. Love all the windows!

    I'm so sorry you're not feeling so well. I can imagine though, that your body is going through so many things. It's like you've been on a merry-go-round for ages with all this treatment. And now you've gotten off for the first time in a long while but your body hasn't quite caught up to that yet. It's still spinning around a little.

    Don't worry. Time. Rest. Taking care of yourself. All these are good and eventually you will feel more like yourself. xo

  16. hi sweetie, been a bit under myself, but I'm really glad to see these photos and, um, no 'stuff' littering the grounds?:) I do wonder what kind of roof you had before - hard to tell... anyway, I'll email you because this is getting too long...


  17. What a lovely space to dream about. Have you read much of Gaston Bachelard on spaces of the home?

    Many healing wishes as you and your studio come together.

  18. Thinking of you as you continue to recover. Your studio space is going to be spectacular!

  19. that studio space is going to be great! thanks for sharing the photos! take it slowly and feel better soon. I can imagine how you want the work to be done and your bones to feel better so you can organize your space! someone told me once that the word is "patience" I'm short on it and I bet by now you are too! It will happen.

  20. I'm sorry to read you're not feeling well and suffering so much pain. I'm sending you all good wishes, strength and love dear Karin. Hoping you do better very soon.

    The studio looks great, so much more light. A wonderful place to work. And a lovely view as well.

    All the best and sweet greetz!

  21. Karin! It's wonderful!!!! Give those guys a boot in the butt and gettem moving! Your space will have so much light and will be ever so comfy....I'm sure of it. Keep us posted. You know we are nosey.

  22. You are home my dear butterfly... time to make major changes and you already know this intimate lesson of living a life. I keep you in my heart always. Dream and explore the inner regions of your heart's perimeters...you are going to explode with creativity when the healing is complete. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  23. Hey K
    I am dancing in my heart for that magnificent space that will be waiting for you after 'more time' has passed and your body feels its peace once again.

    In the meanwhile you can feel the love can't you...clearly you are surrounded.

  24. Oh. I love your view! Where you home when they took the roof off? We once did something like this, the old roof nails coming out of rafters made such a painful sound. What a memory to pop up.

    So glad you are Home resting. trust your body, sometimes pain in an area indicates a layer of healing I have been told

    the body soul holds many great secrets.
    Great health to you.

  25. Oh Karin...I'm so sorry to hear that you're still in pain. Things will get better I'm sure, and once you have your studio up and running there'll be no keeping you down!

    I love your house, it's so beautiful, and that studio space is enormous! I'm so jealous of you.

    Get well soon. Healing hugs to you.

    Heather xxx

  26. Missing you. Thinking of you. Sending loving healing vibes your way and plain old love for that beautiful heart of yours.

  27. Karin,
    I do not know how I missed this post. I was just sitting here and was wondering how you were. Then on your blog I saw this post..You are in my thoughts often and hope that you are healing in health and in spirit.
    Take care my friend.. I am loving your new studio..Do not forget to leave a space for my bed when I come for the retreat. LOL.

  28. Thank you everyone. Slowly but surely, construction continues. The rains have been causing some interruptions and added work, like repairing the water stains that have formed on the downstairs ceilings all along the back wall, where rain water leaked and seeped in... a favorite line of mine, from the movie Brazil, "my complications have complications", says it all!! Time and patience will lead us through.
    xoxox Karin

  29. These are great images. You are so lucky to have such a studio! Tsup!


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