Wednesday, April 14

this and that

I haven't been making art the past week, for a number of reasons, but I didn't want any more time to go by before I came by to say hi! One of the reasons for my absence is a good one - I've been spending time with my dad, who is visiting me this week.
Another project I've been focusing some energies on has more to do with research. It's a very exciting project, which will be happening while I am undergoing the next chapter of my cancer treatment. While I'm undergoing radiation we've decided it would be best for me to stay closer to the hospital, since it's a 45 minute drive each way, and I'm just not up for that much car time - not my back, not my hands, and to pay for it ends up being two thirds of the way to paying for some where to stay any way, sooooo... while I am out of the house a bit of construction will be under way!
I have been blessed with a pretty fabulous studio, but we've been wanting to finish our attic for a while, and that's what we're going to do. The third story is a good three times larger than my current space, so I will be able to really spread out, perhaps host some workshops, and finally be able to work in a larger format, which I've been wanting to do for a while. We'll also be able to have a second guest room now, making it possible to play host to friends and family much more easily!
It's very exciting, and gives me something to focus on while going through this difficult period - a reward at the end of this journey! Our goal is to make this renovation as 'green' as possible, so that's where the research has been. If any of you know of great products for wall board, flooring, insulation, etc feel free to share. We've found quite a bit, but there may be more we are unaware of, and now is the time to find out!! Also any features you artists feel are must haves in your studios, I'd love to hear.
Thanks in advance for all your help and ideas :)


  1. so cool to see the drawings!!! yay! and the photos of you and your dad:)
    sending you hugs... j

  2. Hi Karin. What a great outlook you have. We should all have your outlook in life. Your dad looks like a very happy man as do you. Good luck with your new studio. Woo Hoo! Way to go! Take care.

  3. Karin,
    It is a wonder picture of you and your Dad. My thoughts and prayers will be with you through your treatment. Your studio, It is going to be wonderful. Wow truly wonderful..Did you say you will have room for artist stay over weekend. LOL>..
    Take care my friend.

  4. Hey K
    How grand to see you with're lookin' good hangin' out there together...

    and ooo lala...I can imagine the new studio unfolding so beautifully in that grand attic space while you undergo your deeply personal 'renovation'.

    BD will most likely have some resources for green materials that I can pass along.


  5. so nice to see your picture!

  6. Yum ... the visit with your dad and your studio-to-be ... Sending you love all the time, Karin. I've been brain-farting like mad so haven't been blogging ... but all's well.

    Sending strength for your next round of treatments xoxoxoxoxo

  7. i'm smiling seeing you and your dad! you're both beautiful!

    and a new studio! smiling even more... : )


  8. Lovely to see you with your Dad. You look so like him. You have great plans and a wonderful attitude. I wish I was nearer and could join your classes when you hold them. Be well, be kind to yourself x

  9. OOH KARIN!!!!

    So much in my head...

    First you and your Dad - fabulous. I like his mustache. You look great. The yellow chair - beautiful.

    The radiation therapy - good luck with that. I wish you the best and I hope you will bring your laptop so you can blog.

    The construction, how exciting. Something to look forward to when you come home.

    Your life is busy and filled with so many ambivalence but I am glad to hear you are managing well, it seems. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you nothing but the best.

    God bless you Karin.

    Tsup! Tsup!!!

  10. how exciting is this! and workshops too! I am knowing that it all goes smoothly and it is a joy to behold!!
    much love to you and sending strength for new treatments! xoxox

  11. Wow ! What an awesome project and a wonderful plan to focus on as you do your hard work. So exciting ! Imagine a workshop with Karin ? I will be looking into heading down New York way for sure !
    Loved the photo of you and your Dad ! So sweet that you have him there with you.
    Wishing you love and lots of positive transition energy, Beautiful Karin !
    Big Love !

  12. What a beautiful smile you have. Good to hear that you have good company. Your new studio sounds wonderful :)

  13. Ooo - can't wait to see the attic when it's done. Also, LOVE the photo of you and your dad.

    Sending you giant HUGS and healing thoughts, my friend!

  14. Thanks Jennifer :) can't wait to show you the plans in person!!

    Oh, thank you Gloria. I try to keep positive about things - there is a whole lot to feel good about, so I may as well focus on those things as much as possible, right?! you take care, too!! xo

    Ha! Sure, we'll make it a studio weekend retreat center for you Katelen :)

    Thanks Donna, yeah we are having a nice time hangin'! Right now we're out on that patio in the sunshine - me here on the lap top, him with the paper :) Yes, please have BD send me links and info with ideas - I'd love that!! thank you xox

    Thank you Valerie!

    Sending love your way too Jaliya, no need to explain - glad to know that all is well. xoxox

    thank you lynne!! i'm smiling, to :))) xox

    Hi Penny, well if I get my act together, maybe we'll have to skype during a class for long distance folks to join in too!!

    Hey Ces, I told my dad you like his mustache and he says for the right price, he'll sell it to you!! Though I have a hard time seeing him part with it, and I'm not sure what you might do with it - put it on Milo to give him more authority?! Yes, life is a mixed bag right now, but I am managing. thanks for all your support - and tsup tsup to you, too!!

    Hey Cat - yeah, I hope so!! I used to host creativity salons and occasional workshops along with one on one arts mentoring. I've been missing teaching, so I would like to get back to it in some capacity. This is the first step in moving towards that goal :) xox

    Yeah!! Thanks Kim, I'd love to do creative play with you :) thanks for all your loving support my friend! xox K

    Thank you Jasmine, yes, I am in good company, working on positive goals, so all is moving in a good direction! xo

    Hugs to you, too Liz! I will be sharing progress reports along the way! :)

  15. Bright wishes, Karin. It's lovely to read your latest post and see you enjoying time out with your Dad. And, I'm excited for you with your latest plans. Oooh, so inspiring! I hope that the next stage of treatment goes well for you. Sending you healing thoughts, dear one. xx

  16. Nice to see you smiling :-) and how nice to have your dad visiting, and how nice to design a studio .. wishing you all the best. Hugs

  17. Yea! So exciting

    I have pegboard under my overhead cabinets- very handy

    inside your cabinet you'll want adjustable shelving (if at all possible with the budget)

    we made my cabinets about 3 1/2 - 4 inches taller than the norm; makes it more comfory on the back (I'm 5'6") not tall I know, but not stooping is great. And I can use a bar stool for sitting at the counters of which I left 2 spots open on the bottom.

    we also made a roll around island from 2 bottom 3 drawer cabinets screwed side by side with a plywood top that hangs over on one side. 40" x 49" Great for fabric too. Awesome for moving where I want it.

    I also have a big, deep sink, very handy for brushes, paper making etc.

    Put in more then you think you want on the outlets and lighting (use multi switches for lights)

    Try to avoid lighting that produces a lot of heat- cause it's hot.

    and that is all the tips I can think of.

    this is so exciting, I love the space drawing!

  18. Hello Karin,

    I´ve seen this picture of you and your Dad on Facebook and it is so ever sweet, you look so great together - and you look all happy, what a wonderful view :*)
    To me family bonding is always very strengthening and uplifting and it´s so nice to see you and your Dad together smiling and enjoying a good time.

    Your project - wow! That is what I call great news! I look at you with envy for getting such a cool studio. And to look forward to it sure is encouraging for you in your hard time. And I think after you went through your chemo you really deserve a HUGE SPECIAL TREAT and the plans you are showing here look really marvellous!
    If it was mine I would paint it in my favorite color, any powerful very positive color. And a wall to display your new big format artworks for the lucky ones who will be able to join your workshops. I wished I lived closer to visit you.

    Nice post, Karin. All the best for your further treatment. May it be over really quick, so you can enjoy your new creative place.

    Thinking of you - always!

    Love xoxo Bettina

  19. hello karin....

    it's nice to trip over here but then WOW!

    the photo of you and your Dad is just adorable, but do you mind that i am equally attracted to the plans for your studio? you lucky duck: that is so exciting.

    don't forget you are now past the half way point. and you'll have this studio. and maybe something to read (maybe not right now?: please let timing be everything).
    and your world wide friends....

    here's a smooch and a tsup! to take along too.


  20. How exciting for you Karin! I'm delighted that you have this huge project to distract you from what will no doubt be a very trying time for your health. It's so great to hear such positivity from you! I really hope that your treatment is as painless as possible. Keep well. xxx

  21. And don't you two look alike eh? How nice to be able to spend tile with your dad. And what exciting plans you have!! I look forward to following your progress with all of it. Love, as always.

  22. Thank You Carol Anne, I am excited, too - having something new to plan and look forward to helps distract me right out of the unpleasant stuff of now! Today is chemo #5, so I'm one step closer :) thank you for all your healing support and care!! xox

    thanks for your good wishes Gypsy :)

    sending smiles your way too Laura, and wishes for soothing healing in those hands. Perhaps you could use one of those speech transcribing programs so you can speak your blog posts into being! like Dragon? Might be worth a try!

    Paige, thank you for all your great ideas. Some I've already addressed - I definitely do not want hot lights!! Attics are warm enough, and we'll be getting very good insulation, but low heat lighting is very important to me. I've got LED bulbs in mind that I've found that are warm white light, so not that blue cast, but also no heat! Very exciting. We're thinking about putting nearly everything on large locking caster wheels so that I can change the layout of things as needed, moving island work areas, storage, etc. Seems we have very similar thinking!! I'll keep the updates coming :)

    Thanks Bettina - yes, my dad and I have been smiling and enjoying our visit this week. He's probably landing back in Cleveland right about now, as I sit here, iv in arm, happy for the last week of family stories shared and time enjoyed. Yes, the project is "wow"! I wish you lived closer, too! But who knows - maybe one day you'll find yourself in NY... :) love to you! xox K

    hey kj, heh, no I do not mind at all that you are equally attracted to the plans!! thanks for sharing my excitement! Yes, it's hump day for chemo - passing the half way mark, woo hoo!! Radiation is another long haul, but I look at it as vacation compared to having to live in the house with construction - I'd rather endure radiation that be home with contractors!! so I'm a happy camper.
    My reading material made it's way here yesterday and is waiting for me to finish my current book!! thank you :) a big smooch and tsup to you too my friend!!

    ack - I have to hit publish - my battery is about to die. I'll thank you Heather and whitney anne once I get plugged back in!! xox K

  23. I am crying and sighing and wishing you were closer . I love the picture of you and your dad...what a joy to have your dad there with you. The new construction is one helluva motivation to get your butt home real quick but I wish I could be with you as begin this chapter with radiation and further iv treatments...You are in my arms filled with HOPE for both of us. I received your gift today...I have already hung the prayer flags in my studio and I just keep touching your hand made journal and smile when I see my glitter bug...the lotus foils are so fragile and precious and I will take my small jeweled butterfly book with me for future doctor consultations. I am crying because you have given me so much and I feel that I have so little to give in have blessed me so...I pray that we will meet someday when we are both healthier and able to make sacred marks together. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  24. Great photo of you and your dad, Karin. Exciting plans afoot. I don't have any advice regarding the studio but I'm thrilled for you.

  25. Hooray for dads! Awww, what a great picture of the two of you. I'm sure it was wonderful to have him around.

    That is so exciting about the attic! Something to focus on and look forward to. When we lived in NY, we finished our attic, and it was one of our favorite places in the house. It had to be more of a loft space than a separate room because of fire codes and all, but it was still spacious and bright. It got quite warm up there in the summers, so make sure you install a ceiling fan or AC of some sort!

    Take care, Karin. xoxoxo

  26. It's so nice that you get to spend time with your dad. And the plans for the attic- so exciting! May you speed through these treatments with ease and grace, and know that we are all sending our love.

  27. Love the picture of you and your Dad!

    As for the studio, great idea to have it done while you are away. The only thing I would suggest, probably because I want some in my studio, are skylights for the natural light they allow.

    Good healing, Karin! xox

  28. Karen, this green project that inspires is truly uplifting on so many levels. It gives you something exciting to focus your creative energies on, a means to connect differently with your blog readers as you develop trust and resilence through it for self healing. What a marvelous gift to give yourself. The visit with your dad is also a touching addition/ photo.


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