Monday, April 19

April 19

Been feeling the weight of people's stories these days -
the many facets of sorrow.

So, I honor the sorrow in us all,
and release it to the moon...


  1. Thank you for sharing. I saw in the mandala the moon either waxing or waning knowing that everything comes full cirle again.Sorrow, joy sorrow joy ad infinitum Everytime I see your work I'm inspired to pick up my pencils and draw. Thank you again

  2. thank you karin, this is beautiful... will and i did a new moon ritual the other night out back in front of the fire pit... i too, offered much to the fire and the moon... sometimes we don't even know the sadness that lies beneath the surface...
    love you

  3. So very beautiful, Karin. You find me totally amazed by one of your works again. I once told you that every piece of you surprises me with new emotions coming up in me and this is definately one of them. It gives me solace by looking at it and I´m really touched how you involve and unite others in your circle to relief them from their sorrows too.
    You are such a compassionate woman and though you are dealing with such a hard time yourself you share your healing thoughts and wishes with so many others. I feel like being one of the beings in your circle of hope. I hope you don´t mind I save this on my harddrive, it is so inspirational and looks so relieving.

    I´m a fan of yours :*)

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Lots of love xoxo Bettina

  4. Thank you for your thoughts .... Your images are so tender and poignant. I find them both deeply moving x

  5. And the moon guides us so gently.

    Love your work Karin, I hope you feel much better this week xxJ

  6. Beautiful, Karin. Stretching big arms of love around us all, in joy and in sorrow...
    Big Love to you, my Friend.

  7. Release it to the moon, where tears can spill out from it's fingernail point to become twinkling stars.

    what a grand idea and a beautiful way to show it :-)

  8. thanks for give me inspiration , your post is great

  9. Dear Seva, you're welcome. Yes, the cycle is what I was thinking about, too - we so often celebrate the joys of life, and try to push aside the sorrows - but they hold their own beauty, and to fully experience each - the joy, the sorrow, is my personal goal. Yeah to getting out your pencils and drawing!!

    Hi jen, offf, that must have been wonderful out there in your back yard gathered 'round the fire! True, the sadness that lurks just below the surface is what I've really been feeling fully recently - pulling it up to the surface to set it free. love you, too

    Thank you so much Bettina, You are definitely a beautiful being in the circle of hope!! and no I don't mind that you've saved my image : ) much love

    You're welcome Penny, and thank you for your shared words. xo

    I am doing well, thank you Jasmine, xo

    Big love to you, too, Kim - in joy and in sorrow... xox

    That's beautiful Paige, thank you!

    Thank you so much Valerie and Angela!!

  10. So beautiful karin, thank you. the verification word that popped up below is "shine" fitting.

  11. beauteous the balsamic phase...showing the opportunity for dreaming a dream where we can all honor it ALL...

    the figures circling the circle are so perfectly showing sorrow.

  12. GOOD! Thanks you! Moon can handle it! BTW- i loved your video of making the flying girls- so complex! So beautiful1 So YOU!

  13. Karin,
    Life is a circle and we do have to embrace the sorrow with the joy.
    It is what makes us who we are and it teaches us to love others with more compassion.
    Giving it to the moon is nice.

  14. The compassion you have in your heart helps you to shine like gentle moonlight...I am sending you hugs for this week's journey. The circle is a very adequate metaphor for our life's cycles and the pull of our moon's energy is often overlooked. Your images on the outside of the moon remind me of shamans...bearing all our heavy hearts. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  15. Nice image. Looks like a symbol of unity and harmony. I like these kinds of artworks.

  16. beautiful and peaceful; sad yet transcendent... everything seems here...


  17. Beautiful mandala, Karin. It seems the moon has been the touchstone for all of us lately, and I can feel the compassionate sorrow and healing power of the angels in this. Art really does heal. hugs and bigger hugs.

  18. Very powerful piece and post.

  19. I just watched the tutorials for this very healing book...made with dedication and pure healing energy. You totally amaze me and I love you for it. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    I am sending you white healing light.

  20. To imagine all those undesirables and unmentionables floating up inside a helium balloon is a meaningful image. One can choose to release one's grasp, to let the helium balloon go. It floats up, up and away and to detach from all that blocks unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance.

  21. Oh, Karin. This one is deeply moving. I can feel the release, and it is healing. Beautiful.


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