Sunday, March 7

hand in hand

I made this today with all of you in mind.
Admittedly, hearts aren't usually my thing, but what they represent here is the amount of compassion, love, healing, care and all the other positive vibes I've received by being a part of this blogging community. We reach each other from across far and wide, learning many intimate details of one another's lives and grow to care for one another. I've received cards, gifts, emails and comments here that have turned gloomy days into treasured ones.
I thank you.

One of my most treasured of friends made here, and many of yours, is nearing the end of her battle with inflammatory breast cancer (a more rare and dangerous form of breast cancer than what I'm dealing with). I have been missing Renee, of the most wonderful Circling My Head. Her wit and humor have been something I looked forward to when ever I checked in after a new post - knowing she'd be one of, if not the first, to leave me a comment! She helped me a lot as I prepared for stepping onto the chemo path, giving me an incredible amount of advice, based on her own experiences, to help ease my symptoms. Her past few months have been brutal, her suffering great. I love Renee and wish for her as peaceful a departure as is possible.

May your body be at ease Renee and your spirit set to soar.
My heart goes with you...


  1. you are always in my heart and thoughts, bella!

  2. Hi Karin,
    I have just found your site through my dear friend, Carol's blog.
    Your blog is very beautiful and so is your words. Renee is my thoughts too. She is truly a strong and lovely lady and so are you!
    Bright blessings.:)
    Jo May.x

  3. Karin, this is the most beautiful mandala. A symbol of all that you share.

    Sending love and courage to dear Renee.

  4. As always Karin, your images are true and strong and really beautiful- It has been six months since our Renee started suffering complications- It has been six months since our house has been torn apart, (flood) is an unbearably long time for any pain- Why don't they give her a bliss out medication? Why does my husband not move expeditiously? Somehow the two are connected- I am made more aware of Renee- who know when she leaves our house may fall apart entirely!I have missed her, too. so much...I want her to be free.

  5. Beautiful as is the love you pass around with your words of honesty. May peace be with Renee, her family and all the world as such a hard time.

    fly free and light up the universe

  6. Oh...Karin. Spring is bursting through this mandala! Thank you so much, you exquisite soul-artist, you :-)

    I met Renee through you, and for this I will forever be grateful ... both of you have been on my mind and in my healing thoughts constantly ...

    @Linda Sue: I'm with you. Let our Renee be free of pain ... It is a cruel catastrophe, how our lawmakers and medical technicians refuse to relinquish people who are actively dying ...

  7. lovely! hope you continue to feel better.

  8. thank you il mio amico italiano!! you are in my heart, too ❤

    welcome Jo May, so glad you found me! Thank you for your kind words, xo

    thank you Robyn, for both myself and Renee... love

    oh lord Linda - six months of construction is a torture of another kind. been there... Yes, may Renee's spirit be set free, and may your home become a place of comfort and peace. I will envision a settled dust free environ for you! xo

    indeed, this is an exquisitely hard time in the world, isn't it Paige? thank you for your words - and yes, may that light shine, and peace spread, with love...

    Hi Jaliya, the sun's warmth is shining through my window as I type, beckoning summer with my eye's closed! Opened i still see the bare branches, but yes, spring's voice is sounding! Thank you for your healing thoughts. xox

    thank you Gypsy :)

  9. Sending you healing thoughts. Love and peace to Renee xJ

  10. This must be so hard for you to bear, along with all you're going through. I wish you strength, love and true peace; I wish the same for Renee.

  11. Hi karin - I just love that picture of Renee. She is so happy in it. :) These are hard days for her family and everyone who loves her. I am sorry to hear you are fighting your own battle with cancer. Your art is simply amazing. I have another dear friend fighting this awful disease. You hang tough! Love pam

  12. The mandala is a very powerful symbol/composition and you are learning to intuitively working to your center and focus on the healing powers you need. Renee is a playful child at heart and I can see why so many people love her. Your husband reminded me of a guardian centurion. Strong...handsome and vigilant...remember the sunshine in your heart. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  13. A lovely 'circle of hands' extended out to all is the way that you move through the beautifully.

    Renee's angels are calling her on and I keep thinking of how chances are her next assignment will be even more brilliant than this one...look at how many lives she has touched and how many smiles she has produced!

  14. Dear Karin, your mandala is very beautiful and all that it means to you, and to us looking at it. I wish strength and peace to your friend and blessings of love for you. I love the photographs of you smiling, your husband and the fish! roxanne

  15. Karin, I love this mandala. Hands are such a wonderfu symbol.It is the connection, the passing of inspiration from one artist to another.
    Renee in my thoughts every day. I also miss her posts. Her sense of humor and honesty.
    Take care my friend.

  16. Karin, your mandala is beautiful. I had been a bit ill over the past few weeks, and wasn't really up to blogging or comments. Just a silly virus that floored me. I have been reading your posts though, and your artwork has been beautiful as always. I hope you are feeling well dear lady.

    What a moving story. My heart goes out to Renee, even though I don't know her or her blog. I hope that she finds peace, and that her passing be as painfree as possible. She sounds like a wonderful woman, who, given her own incredible pain, has been able to offer you advice on dealing with yours. Peace be with you Renee.

  17. I am doing some office work for awhile and although I don't post much, I do read my favourites. This post of yours brought tears to my eyes.

    Hearts seem to radiate even more heat than the flames emanating from your previous post. I know I often hold the Heart Book I won last year, and that you so perfectly crafted, and I feel the energy.

    Take care of yourself, Karin, and peace for Renee and all who love her.

  18. Karin, this is really amazing. The symbolism here takes my breath away. Those hands! All those hands look like wings at first glance. Absolutely beautiful.

    Her suffering is no more, she is free.


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