Wednesday, March 10


Yesterday I got my mandala journal all put together!
It felt good to spend a little time setting hand to task,
finding a rhythm, and getting it done.

I decorated the binding with milagros, choosing ones that symbolize what I want to focus on in the months ahead. I also found a place for this little carneilan buddha that I've had for years but never knew where I'd use it - the color is perfect!!
The binding technique I used is one that evolved when I was trying to figure out the best way to get a stack of finished work put together in a book. It works well with canvas boards, card board, ply wood - any single hard stack of art. I call it a slip knot binding, because it really is pretty much a series of slip knots, and results in a braid like look.
One of the beauties of it is that the pages lie perfectly flat when the book is opened.

and, I haven't forgotten about the video lessons that are meant to accompany this book. I'm working on it. My computer keeps telling me that it doesn't have enough memory to load each segment I've taped, so I'm trying to edit and scrap what I don't need, make room for the next and it's taking me way longer to complete than I thought it would, especially since I really don't like being on the computer!
but it'll get here... eventually :)


  1. Karin, this is great work! Journaling is one thing, but if you even make the bookbinding yourself, that´s really awesome. Must feel so good to hold the complete collection of your thoughts and feelings expressed in art in your hands PLUS the binding and the cover is a piece of wonderful art itself. The mandala circle is closed, up to create a new one (pls do, cause I want to see more of them!)

    I was really grateful to find your tutorial on bookbinding on youtube, as I tried it once without any instuctions and it turned out into a mess, lol
    Where did you learn this?

    Btw. you can add your youtube videos here on blogspot as well (in case I got that right, you were not able to upload one here...sorry, my english is still in progress)

    On youtube, if you click on your own video, there is an "embed" code on the right sidebar. If you copy this code and past it in your blog post it appears on your site.

    Congrats to this fabulous book! I love the pendants and symbols on it and the cover looks so pretty!

    Bless ~ Bettina

  2. More beautiful work from one of my favourite artists in the blogosphere! I love everything about it - the buddha, the binding stitchwork, the glorious colours and the charms you've used along the spine.

    You're simply a marvel! xo

  3. HI Bettina, I think your english is amazing - I never would have known it wasn't a first language for you. Being that I'm unilingual I'm very impressed. I haven't even gotten to the youtube point yet - still in the editing stages on my computer - that's where the hold up is. I can't get the video from my camera into the computer because my computer is too stuffed! But I'll get there, and then you'll find it on my blog, too! this mandala journal will be entertaining us for a while - it's all blank but for the first pages!! Thank you for all your appreciation - and for describing your amazing sounding home!! What an historic treasure that is!

    thanks Svasti, I'm grinning with the compliments - but I'll try not to let it go to my head!! xox

  4. Thank you, and you´re very welcome!
    Looking forward to the see your new book growing :)

    I see, the "stuffed computer syndrome" I know very well myself..too many photos (my husband is running an ebay shop and need a lot of space in our computer for his software and images) and all my homeopathic literature almost make it bursting. Time to clean up.

    See you in the flip flap, swing your brushes :)

  5. I love your journal, it's great.

    I share the chemo experience with you -- I've been on nonstop infusions for over eight years and I'm doing great! - Barbara

  6. Wow, Stunning! What a beautifull way to store your work!

    I'm not much of a painter, but what kind of paint do you use? I so much love the colours of your work!

    Wish you all the best!

    Mattie (Filz10a)

  7. This is very beautiful. I love the colours and textures of the cover. I just want to touch it.

    I would love to learn how you bound it!

  8. The mandala journal is beautiful and the binding has inspired me to try to create my own journals , thank you.Not only do you share with us the art work but the processes as well which is uniquely beautiful and beautifully unique.Thank you again

  9. beautifull journal, i did some very small mandalas, may be one day i will try big or journal like you! you are so inspiring

  10. Your mandala journal is amazing! The first photograph of the binding with milagros is a work of art in itself.

  11. Karin,
    You have started a new and beautiful journey with this new journal. I wish I could do book binding..I am one of those people that has to be shown more than once before I get it..LOL..
    I always look forward to your post.
    Take care.

  12. Hey K'this is a gorgeous 'new beginning' and every bit of it shines just like you...the binding is awesome and as Art Propelled noted...a work of art in itself.
    scrumptious!!! (your work really is like food)

  13. a stunning receptacle for all the miracles that are taking place in your life right now! such a beauty you have created and I adore the milagros, buddha and the binding, just brilliant Bella! MMWWAAHH!!

  14. Karin- le sigh- so beautiful- so amazing- the stitching has me baffled, I have treid to stitch bookds together - it always undoes me, as well as the so called book. Anyway, You are doing amazingly brilliantly well- I don't know why you are not in a wad in the corner with all that is happening physically- but that's just me- I am a big baby.

  15. Absolutely beautiful, Karin. I agree with the comments that the journal is a work of art in its own right!

  16. Your post was a tad-bit frustrating for me. I ordered a book binding kit and I worked and worked to follow the instructions perfectly. But there were gray areas so without an instructor and it being my first- my book doesn't close up nicely. it's very crude. Yours is so beautiful and the way I wanted mine to look. Can I just be envious of you for day? I promise to let it go.....

  17. Karin I may have an opportunity for you to exhibit this miracle of healing arts. I am involved in the planning for a mandala exhibit including the Tibetan Monks creating their prayer circle in the center of the gallery. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  18. Karin this is wonderful...I love all the milagros hanging off the binding! I can't wait to see the video. I hope you are having a good day today.

  19. Beautiful book, would love to adventure through this when it is finished! Love the mandala too :-)

  20. Simply stunning. Love the look of the full book, the binding and the addition of the milagros. And the cover is just sensational.

  21. love the book I really like the
    color of the Buddha. I am always glad to see your process and am inspired by you tokeep on my creative path

  22. Oh my goodness, what an incredible journal! All your artwork together. And the binding is gorgeous!

  23. Karin, they already said it all, it is a fabulous book, I thought it was a coptic binding, but no? An adaptation of one! I love cotic bindings even tho they are hard on my hands, so they must be hard on yours too? Anyway, teh final result id stunning, which is after all what I have come to expect when I drop in here, hope you are well,blessings...

  24. I know nothing of bookbinding and creation ... I do know that when I contemplate these images of your book, I feel like I'm looking waaay back in time to eras when books were considered sacred objects and the "container" itself was seen to be as holy and meaningful as whatever was scribed within ... symbolic of wisdom, artistic mastery, a beautiful form to contain more beauty within.

    Karin, your creations really blow me away. My own gift is with words ... I have to admit total klutzhood where crafting an object into art is concerned ;-)

    You are a superbly graced artist, my friend ...


    P.S. Word ver. = "elose" --> one letter away from "Eloise", my favourite imp from childhood! Do you know of the "Eloise" books?


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