Saturday, February 6


I'm still finding myself unsure of what form my next journal should take. After spending over a year and a half with the same book I'm finding it difficult to make the transition. I don't want to make this next journal as labor intensive as the last, wanting to use more of my time focusing on larger art projects. When I started the last journal, I was only spending about an hour on my spreads, but then these pages become so much more, and hours would go by - a whole day on 2 pages. So, you may find I'll be doing less posting, less journal, but more projects.

I am also working on this transition of being a cancer patient. My body has no rhyme or reason as to when it may just shut down with exhaustion that hits like a train head on. Nausea blooms out of no where; night sweats toss me through the night. There is no way to really plan, it's like being on a ride along an unfamiliar highway, at a speed just a little faster than seems safe.

Today pain bombarded what felt like every cell in my body, so I decided it was important to take myself into those cells and try to put them in some kind of artistic order. The above is what resulted, and here it is, deconstructed...

In closing, I want to say farewell my friend Harvee Riggs, a talented assemblage artist, and intelligent conversationalist with a great sense of humor; a lover of music, and devoted husband; a man who left surprisingly early, and will be greatly missed. Blessings on your transition Harvee.

Harvee just recently published his first book, titled I think, Therefore I Art, which I believe you'd enjoy paging through at the link provided...


Lastly, and am adding this after posting yesterday,
I wanted to mention an anniversary transition for fellow blogging pal Whitney-Anne, who is celebrating the completion of one year over at What Whitney Made Next.
Though it will lessen my chances of winning, drop by and join in - only 2 days remain!


  1. your work is so strong i admire how you share with us your process, hope pain is going away

  2. Thank you for sharing your process Karin. It's always fascinating to see a work progress. It's a beautiful piece. What I love is the positivity in your paintings. You have this fire invading you, but you are cool to it. Do you often know this when you paint, or is it just something instinctive and subconscious?

    I'm sorry to hear you're in such pain. I think it's probably worse because it's unpredictable. We are creatures of habit after all. Sending you warm hugs and healing wishes. xxx

  3. Oh karen, i'm sorry for your pain and your loss. So much to deal with. Your journal page is outstanding. So much dtail and thought.

    I recently bought one of Lynne Hoppes Journals. I intended to do a mandala each month but have not started yet. Maybe a smaller journal with just a few leafs in each would be better. Smaller digestale chapters that don't feel like such a monumental task. Since you put so much emotional energy into each piece to reflect your physical world, maybe you could have the journal for each stage of recovery, or to mark significant season changes. Seasons can lift our spirits so much.

    Just some thoughts. Sending love xJ

  4. How amazing to see your process unfold in the pictures, beautiful Karin. You are my definition of artist. Truly amazing to witness...
    This morning, I woke up really early. Crazy brain kind of got me as soon as I opened my eyes. I know now that my meditation muscles are working as that is where I want to go when the day starts off the "wrong" way for me. I begin the prayer of Love and Kindness, and make wishes and intentions for myself and for the people in my world. As I read your words this morning, I feel the need to go and visit that centered place again and add you into the prayer. I wish and intend for Karin to experience relief and comfort from her pain love and in prayer...

  5. I just visited the link. Your friend was a very talented artist.

  6. I am sorry for the pain you're going through ,you are in my thoughts and prayers and thank you
    for taking out the time to share
    the process of making this new journal

  7. You're in my thoughts, Karin, and I'm sending bright wishes for healing and condolences for the loss of your dear friend. Through all this, I never fail to be inspired by your creativity and the light that you bring into the world. Keep shining, my lovely. Much love. x

  8. Karin- Love that you show the process of the gathering of cells- You are a fast worker looks like- so detailed! Checked out both of the links- awesome both and so sorry to have only just heard of his assemblage art and now there will not be more. Glad to see on his web site that prints are available- utterly cool!I put your name in twice for the give away- I hope that you win the little purse- it rocks!You are such a strong soul- when I have as much as a hangnail I curl up in the feel- so- sorry- for- myself blues...You give so much.

  9. left you an award Love! Dont HAVE to folw the rules if you dont want to ! But you deserve it! I love your blog =]

  10. Fascinated by whatever you do here....sending you my best wishes...

  11. It's so interesting to see the process that someone goes through with a piece of work. What a labour of love.
    And what a star you are for mentioning my giveaway! Many many thanks and lots of love and light

  12. karin, thank you for your comment on my blog and about the poem at renee's. i know you are a frequent and faithful friend to our beloved renee and i appreciate your kind words to me. the poem touches me too, almost as if someone else wrote it and i can so easily relate.

    it is a pleasure to come to your blog. if you don't mind i will stop by again. and please feel free to stop by my place anytime.

    i see you infuse energy into your drawings and colors. really nice.


  13. Thank you so much Valerie, today is a much better day.

    You're welcome Heather - and thank you! I think my journalling process is always pretty instinctive, but only sometimes am I fully aware of the symbolism each element represents. For instance, in this piece the initial circles that were buried with paint were consciously chosen to represent cells, and they were important to me to create - one by one, though I knew they'd barely be seen. The *prickly* red dashes surrounding the body were also chosen, to represent the nerve endings that felt completely lit up, all over my body - red because they hurt and burned. The cooling blue was not consciously chosen to represent the cooling - but as you've observed, it was what was needed - the healing my subconscious offered to balance out the pain, and it was only after the color was chosen that I realized what was happening. That is the magic of art and healing, isn't it?! Thanks you for your good wishes, and thoughtful observations. xox K

    Hi Jasmine, thank you for offering some good thoughts on my journaling options! I have loved keeping a mandala journal in the past and that really feels good, when I think about doing it again - I think I will start one! I'm leaning towards having more than one journal going at once, allowing for creating to take place in which ever way feels *right* in the moment, rather than hold myself to any one format. And thank you for visiting Harvee's work - yes, he was a talented man. x♥x K

    Dearest Kim, thank you for the honor you've bestowed upon me - I blessed to be a part of your meditative process. I am doing better today, so it has helped!! ♡ K

    Thank you bookaddict - and you are welcome!

    Thank you for kind thoughts and healing wishes, Carol Anne, they are very much appreciated. xo K

    Hi Linda Sue, well, I'm not sure how fast I am - I guess it's all relative! I worked the better part of the day on this piece, working for periods and taking breaks along the way, which felt really good and appropriate for the healing I needed to feel from a wearying week. Thank you so much for visiting Harvee's sites - I know he would be pleased. xox K

    Hi Isha - thank you so much for the acknowledgement through the sharing of your award! I have linked you and it up in my side bar :)

    Thank you Dr Jay, namaste

    Hi Whitney - yes a labor of love it is!! and you're very welcome - I still hope I win :)

    You're welcome kj - of course you are always welcome here, and yes I will be coming by to visit you as well! ♥ k

  14. cool! love to see the steps... sorry haven't gotten back to your great long email... am taking a day to recoup a very long week... will write soon! sending you hugs and kisses...

  15. k., i never left a comment on you last post - i came, i saw, i savored, and then left to come back later. the last page in your journal seems perfect for the last page. besides the fact that it's beautiful, it just somehow seems perfect...

    i love this image too... the Isness of you in the center of it all...



  16. sorry about your loss, and sending you love... this is a beautiful image. cannot wait to see who your next journal shapes up, because I know it will be fabulous! xo

  17. I can only imagine how difficult it is to transition to a new book. Your last one was a part of your soul and it can't be easy to "let it go" so to speak. Best wishes on finding your way to different things. Keep on hanging in there and remember to take care of you. Your in my thoughts.

  18. Hey J, we'll talk soon! i hope you have a restful weekend. xox K

    thank you Lynne, much love

    hi cat, thanks for the vote of confidence ;~) xxoo

    You're right Heather - it's been a stickier transition than I thought it would be, but I'm still filled with imagery, so I just need to express it somewhere! many thanks for the caring thoughts...

  19. So many changes going on for you. In some ways, the change to a new medium seems symbolic of your new path with all of it's challenges and insights.

    I'm sure you will work it out in good time so don't sweat it!

    You might be a cancer patient, but you are still an amazing and generous artist as demonstrated in the way you've shared your process here. I can't even imagine how you begin each piece of work!!

    In any case, you have my ongoing support and admiration. You are one brave, talented lady and I know you'll find your way, in all respects. xo

  20. I enjoyed the process of your work.
    Thank you for sharing. For I do wish I worked as you for when I am in pain or depression I can not work. I do wish I had your secret.
    You are blessed with the wisdom of knowing and then sharing.
    Take care my friend.

  21. I really feel this page Karin. Your work is extraordinary. It was a treat being able to follow your progress through from the first sketch. Art transitions are always so difficult! I do have a strong feeling that no matter which direction you take, it's going to be wonderful.
    Sorry to hear about your friend.

  22. Karin,
    Your art is so I went through the deconstruction of the page it was clear that you brought attention to each of your inflamed and painful cells. I hope that process eased some of your pain at least on a heart and soul level. I admire your commitment to create no matter how crappy you feel. I struggle with this, so you my dear are truly an inspiration.

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I will look at the links you offered.

    take good care of yourself Karin

  23. Karin, It's so wonderful that you photographed the process of making this piece. I loved what you said here in the comments about making the circles being healing. I keep saying this to you, but it is an inspiration that you are able to enrich the world so much with all that you are going through. I'm looking at how many comments you received on this post and I hope that you see and feel your great value. I also see the message that images hold great power. In my own blog, I hesitate sometimes to show my work and turn to words as a shield. It takes courage to face what you are facing and courage to share it. I thank you for being here, for your beautiful work and your deep commitment to your voice.

  24. blessings to you Karin, you're in my thoughts, I'm amazed by what you create and whatever form it will take, I will like to see. I'm wishing you a healing journey.

  25. hi. i really enjoy looking at your works. these are really nice.

  26. I am so sorry to hear that your pain is so intense. I pray for a deep healing for your damaged cells and hope that they will free you from pain soon.

    Thank you for sharing your creating process through your words and photos. Such inspiration!

    Hugs to you my friend!


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