Monday, February 1

January 30th & 31st

The past few days have been one of those periods of time
where unpredictability is the primary constant!

My computer crashed and a new hard drive has to be installed -
causing me to lose, well, a whole lot of stuff
which I'm sure I'll come to realize more and more over time;

physical experiences caused some tail spins -
or should I say stomach and head spins;

but there was also a happy surprise,
in the form of a visit from my pal Jennifer at reminders2bepresent,
which helped take away from the less fun surprises.

click on images
for closer view

Sometimes it feels good to just make a big mess -
which is how I see these images!

Once completed, life seemed to fall back into an even keel
So here are todays pages,


which happen to be the final pages in this long journeyed journal.

Practically a book in the round!

Now I just need to figure out what I want to use next for my journal -
another used book? a hand bound journal?

I'll try to figure that out very soon!


  1. Making a mess is a good mind clearing thing. I know when I de-clutter my space, the mess that develops is pretty incredible until everything is put back into its rightful place. Cool that the process is the same in your art making. Make messy art, eh ? I just may need me a dose of that today !
    How amazing to see your book completed - and with that lovely eye piece as the finale. Wow, wow, wow ! What a document !
    Here to celebrating the fullness of your book and to the new blank pages to come...
    Love to you, Beautiful One !

  2. Your book is a treasure I would love to touch ... page through.... and absorb the energy of ....knowing the hours and hours of work you've put into it and the healing you have received from it as well as the joy your pages have given to so many people. This is a momentus occassion, Karin!

  3. how gorgeous this is, Karin, the pages all splayed and the book so fat with your expressive art, just delicious! xo

  4. A book in the round- congratulations- last page! The binding must be incredibly strong to hold all of that art, everything that goes into it, the ideas, the depth, the amazing workings of Karin. Well done, you- most impressive and so generous of you to blog it all! Thanks! love

  5. A finished journey and now a new one begins. I wish I could touch and enjoy the pages of your last journey. The strength, energy, the pain and the peace.
    Thank you for all the pages.

  6. A book in the round!

    I love it.

    Bob Weisenberg

  7. Could you tell me what Blogger tool you are using for your gorgeous site?

    My sister is a book artist in California and I'm trying to get her to put her work up on a site like yours.


    Bob Weisenberg

  8. Wow, your journal is awesome, how do you manage to work in it hen it is so crammed full? Do you add the individual leaves after completion?

    I can feel the turmoil in your first pages but am happy to see you have kind twinkling weyes in the second xx

  9. Congratulations on your project comin' round, literally, to completion. A goal realized is a grand event.

    I'm so thrilled that I was able to sit with, and feel the beauty of, the hundreds of completed pages in your journal over the days that I visited with you in was so immediately apparent that the virtual world that we share in this blogospere will never replace the actual look and feel and experience of original work!!

    I trust that your statement at the beginning of the project "Each day of creating
    helps me to bring my conscious
    attention to the present,
    with a bit more clarity
    and understanding." has helped us all to do likewise...what a gift.
    Thanks K.
    cyber hug

  10. one thing ends another begins...always beginning. How perfect that your book has grown into a circle.

    hope you are feeling better, less spinney today...I know how uncomfortable that can be! Yuck.

  11. wonderful use for a used book! It looks magnificent in the round.
    Then a new book and a new begining.

  12. Wow, what an amazing achievement, Karin. Well done on the journal! It sounds like you're at the end of one particular journey (computer issues and all) and about to start a new vibrant one. Sending you bright wishes for health & joy. xx

  13. Wow, you inspire me! With everything you are going through, all the gorgeous moving work you create. It's a gift to the world. Congratulations on finishing this journal. can't wait to see how the net one begins.

  14. What a glorious final page of your journal! It summarises the strength, learning and wisdom you've gained as you've painted and created from the first page to the last. Love all the colours you've used, too :)

    When I look at it in the round, I think I'd love to see your book on a massive roll-a-dex type thing, where people can crank a wheel to see different pages. How awesome would that be!

  15. Hi Queen Kim :) Yes, mess making is my way of cleaning out my body and mind! Thank you for all your loving support through the life of this journal and blog. big hug and love!

    Thank you Robyn. I wish I could share it with you in person, too - even the stuck together, torn pages! and thank you for being a part of it's evolution. ♥

    thanks Cat! xo

    Hi Linda Sue, yes it is an amazing binding, but I have had to glue some pages back in - as I was working on the very last page a chunk of it separated from the binding, but it will be easy to glue back! Blogging it has been a true gift to me - I am thrilled to know you see it as one for others. xxoo

    You are welcome Katelen, and thank you for being a witness. xox

    thanks Bob! I remember you mentioning your sister was a book artist when you had written you thought she might help with your book design and cover. Glad to hear she's stepping into the blogging experience - I hope she gets as much out of it as I have!
    I use Blogger's "Minima Stretch" template, and then custom chose the colors for the back ground, type size, etc. I used the easiest and most straight forward approach - not being very tech savvy, though I've seen many that custom create their own. Thanks for being so complimentary of mine. Sometimes I think about changing it, but this really works best for me.

    Hi Jasmine, Working in the journal as it bulged and grew was not easy! I would prop a small squishy pillow under it to support it at different angles as I'd work in it. Removing the cover helped with it's flexibility, but the pages were all intact as I worked on each spread. A few had fallen out along the way, but I glue them back in as it happens! xox

    Thank you Donna! So much of our art in the cyber world is only minimally experienced. While it is fabulous to be able to see work form places and people I will probably never experience in person, you are right - there's no replacement for the hands on, sensory full experience! I was happy to be able to share it with you, my dear friend. xoxo

    Thanks Laura, I love the circular completion aspect of this project - and am excited that soon another will begin! I think i'm in for a period of spinning - nausea has become a frequent visitor, along with a few of it's friends...

    thanks Penny - yes, and I'm still not sure how I want the new beginning to look like! So many choices is a blessing :)

    Thank you Carol Anne - yes, this has been one full journey - I look forward to the full completion of my computer woes! It's driving me a bit crazy not having my lap top and the ease it provides me for interacting with everyone! Sitting at my desk requires too many breaks and causes too much pain :~P Here's to getting to the joy!! xo

    Thank you Sybil, I think it's a big part of what helps me with all I am going through. My favorite and most powerful medicine!!

    Thank you all for your part in this journal and it's life. Blogging each page has become a big part of it's creation - while I can't specifically pin point the way sharing this has influenced my work, I know that it has - that each of yo u are a part of the brushstrokes, pencil lines, and images within. I am grateful for the part you each have played in the life of my work, Karin

  16. Hi Svasti, your comment came in as I was writing, so I missed it in my reply! Yes, that would be a very cool way to display it! Unfortunately I don't think it would hold up and I have waxed paper between many of the pages that stubbornly want to stick together otherwise! The one thing I do plan to do, and am slowly but surely working on, is have the images reproduced into a book, so that it can be seen - not felt in the same way as the original, but the next best thing! Stay tuned :)

  17. what a treasure that beautiful fat journal is yourself . it's given us so many visual thrills. can't wait to see what you do next!

  18. wow what a journey that journal has been, and so inspiring... can't wait for the next installment. Missing my blog friends but not enough hrs in the day :(

  19. I have to say that your journal in the round is one of the most inspiring pics I have seen! To me, it is just so symbolic of what journaling and art is all about!!

  20. a mess? I think working without restraint, being 'in flow' is always the best way to see what's really inside. wow, it sure is a book in the round. I'd love to be able to hold it, look through the pages, feel the humming...

  21. just came across your blog and love every piece of work!, will definitely be checking back.


  22. Karin, the eyes in your second creation ... they look like the Earth in their blues and greens ...

    Considering that you've completed this journal, the eyes of your inner world -- your soul -- have revealed so much to us ...

    Dear heart, you are such a gift! xoxo

  23. I am keeping you in my prayers but the journal is so sacred and know how to pray lady! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  24. Wow..first time here visiting and I love your pages...this is one yummy journal..

  25. what a work of circling around yourself on display here--its mind boggling to me to see it all.

    and on your top post, i think voice is so telling; i can always tell how i am, emotionally by the cadence of voice i hear from my own throat or heart.

    water moving is my favorite sound and birdsongs.

  26. Your journal page with the Buddha eyes took my breath away. Simply beautiful..

    ~ Bettina


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