Monday, January 11

yesterday, the day before,


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  1. And so you return to color with what looks to me like someone emerging from a rainbow...and words indecipherable as the future...with a facial expression still looking a bit unsure but purposeful...something like that...

  2. been thinking about you... love, love...


  3. The figure in your journal is looking strong. Wishing you continued strength throughout your treatment Karin.

  4. I hope the rd does not mean pain? Wishing you comfort xxx

  5. You are so strong...

    Woke up thinking about you this morning. Took some time to breathe and send some really lovely healing LOve. Did you feel it ? I hope so.

    Adding to the comfort wishes from Jasmine...
    Big Love to you.

  6. been sending you lots of love and knowing how strong you are and I see that you ARE standing strong here in your work... love to you cara mia!

  7. You make me cry Karin. All the time, did you know that?

    What is the chemo darling.


  8. thinking of you, Karin, and visualizing you whole and healthy. xoxox

  9. All we want for you is health and days free of worry and pain, I always leave here comforted by your peacefulness and I am so in awe of that calligraphy, I wish I could learn how to do it!!!

  10. I like that Jay - emerging from a rainbow is a nice image. Determination, purposeful, yes.

    Thank you so lynne, much love my friend, xxoo

    Thanks Robyn, I am pulling in strength in part from all of you.

    Hi Jasmine, the red cord represents the (unexpected) chemo line that I had earlier in the day, the head and left hand have metallic copper, pulling *treatment* from other sources, to balance the less than pleasant aspects of chemo's necessary, though toxic, help. Thank you for your wishes of comfort. xxoo

    Thank you my friend, I appreciate so deeply your thoughts, healing, breath Kim. I'm feeling it helped me through my morning after a sleepless night, bringing strength to me day. much love, K

    thank you so much cat - your love has been added to this building bank account of healing care I am receiving. thank you for this blessing!! love you

    Oh Renee, I know, but I hope my words brought cleansing tears. I love you (I'll send you the chemo list)

    thanks lilasvb!

    many thanks Sharmon, So grateful for your thoughts and vision. xxooxx K

    I know Deb, I feel so touched and blessed by the outpouring of care, support, love and positive energy coming my way. I know it's helping me - making me stronger. I get asked, how do you deal with such and such, and I think you all are a big part of how.
    As far as the calligraphy goes - I know you could do it!! I have to empty my mind and let the marks flow. maybe I'll do a video of the process sometime soon. I don't know how to teach it, but perhaps simply watching would help you to see how to start!

  11. I can't get you out of my head or my heart. Not that I would ever want too.

    Karin did they tell you if you are estrogen or progesterin or her2 positive, those are all important things, let me know.

    I want to take this away from you. How are you feeling.

    Love Renee xoox

  12. Hell, Karin. These are very powerful images in your journal, the women and trees, the colors and pen and ink. Really wonderful expressiveness.

    I'm sorry to hear of your test results. So much sorrow in the blogs as of late. You are in my prayers, and I wish you so much strength. I hope to God the chemo does its job and kicks cancer's a**. Many hugs to you. xoxo

  13. It has been said already but this is such a strong image. Perhaps representative of the strength inside you! Sending thoughts.

  14. You continue to be in my evening prayers and reiki flow Karin. I feel completely humbled and honored to be allowed to view your intimate art work...a clear outpouring of your soul.

    sending gentle healing energy your way.

  15. Good news darling. Jacquie is on transit with Camille as we speak to go see Mom. How are you feeling?


  16. Your healing process is in some sense, everyone's healing process. We share energy and interface in ways that are seldom if ever discerned consciously. Yet, this does not undermine the good of it. You exist in our loving scope of awareness which is a very powerful place with opportunities to receive distance healing.


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