Saturday, December 19

The Winner Is....

Sorry for the delayed results for the drawing - I had a slow start to my day, and then we needed to get some things done before the expected blizzard settled in. So far it's just been flurries, but the winds have picked up and now we are all set to cozy up and watch it from the comforts of in doors...
Here are all the goodies I collected for the lucky holiday give away recipient...
so, are you wondering who won?!


  1. Well done Jasmine!
    Thanks Karin. I'm intrigued by the plantable paper.

  2. Congrats, Jasmine ! What a juicy holiday prize !
    Happy Holidays everyone !

  3. i have to sen you by mail the award!!!

  4. Karin, thank you so much. I feel honoured to receive your give away and it is all the more special for the ethical theme behind the gifts. You are a lady after my own heart, it seems we share the some same values.

    I have emailed you my address. I would also like to send you a little thank you so please, please send me your address too xx

  5. Congratulations, Jasmine. What a wonderful prize!

    Have a fabulous festive time, Karin, and here's wishing you lots of love, happiness, health, and magic. xx

  6. Congrats to Jasmine!! Yay!

    I loved your video to announce the winner!

  7. yea for jasmine

    i too enjoyed the presentation

  8. great for Jasmine! boo hoo:) what a lot of goodies and they're all magnificent! you look really great too and the presentation is wonderful.
    love your tree - the red sofa really works (we have red furniture too!)

  9. cool way to post the winner! congrats jasmine.

  10. Congratulations Jasmine!

    Karin!!!! You might still be feeling crappy, but you LOOK good! How wonderful that you felt up to doing this fun presentation...I'm so happy to see that even if you went to bed after the video, you were up and smiling for the recording...I think smiling and giving are precious there you are...taking excellent care of yourself by doing both!

    Happy Holidays,

  11. Hey Everyoe, glad you enjoyed the video :) The plantable paper was a fun find - it's a calendar, so when the month is over, the page can go into the ground and wild flowers are meant to come forth. not sure if it's got a range of growing zones in the seed selections, or what, but we'll see. I"m really glad the gifts fit your ideals Jasmine!

    I hear that pretty often - "you look great!" I never really know what to say - thanks! I don't know how *healthy* it is, but a humorous and favorite character of mine from SNL has always been Billy Crystal's Fernando Lamas, who used to say "It is better to look good than it is to feel good"- it sounded way funnier when said by BC, than it reads :)

    Laura, how the heck did you know I headed to recline in bed shortly after recording?! I was done for and with the steady snow just starting to come down, we were in for the night - a movie, the snow, and that was that! We got a good 10 inches; it was quite beautiful....

    Happy winter solstice to all, xxoo

  12. Hey Karin, I loved the announcement video!! Lucky Jasmine.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and I hope 2010 will find you pain free and happy.

  13. You look beautiful. Love to hear your voice even if it is announcing Jasmine instead of Renee.

    I am thrilled because Jasmine is awesome.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  14. My husband and I always use that phrase-"It is better to look good than it is to feel good"...I hesitated to write those words to you about looking good... because I never know how to respond either...Sometimes I start on this crazy mind trip thinking...maybe they don't think I'm that sick...maybe they think if I look ok then I'm totally healthy and making stuff up..,and yet, somehow there's a crazy kind of wisdom in BC's words...if we look good on the outside, somehow we feel a bit better (emotionally) inside (well, I do, anyway).

    gentle hugs,


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