Monday, December 21

Peaceful Winter Solstice


  1. Isn't the moon and its dangling star just magnificent tonight?Honoring the dark and feeling the light beginning again from within...
    Much love to you on this solstice, Karin.

  2. blessed solstice to your dearheart! xo

  3. Such beautiful pictures.

    My mum got stuck in snow today. She had to rescued by the police and b towed away by a farmer. You be sure to have all the essentials (blankets, fully charged phone etc) with you even if you only travel a short distance.

    Happy Solstice xxx

  4. Beautiful photos...was about to write something about that doghouse and the dog that presumably lives in it...but now, looking more closely, see it isn't one...though I can't quite figure out just what it is...

  5. Good Solstice to you, too, Karin! May the turning of the year bring you health, healing, and happiness.

  6. Gorgeous photos Karin! I hope the peace of your surroundings found it's way into your body and mind xo

  7. So beautiful! I love the 2 photos with the prayer flags.

  8. Beautiful pictures, especially the first one. All the best for this season and beyond...

  9. Happy Solstice to you Karin! I hope the new year brings healing to you! Thank you for your friendship and all your kind words this past year!


  10. I am very impressed by your blog, your prac.Bardzo glad that you found it. I send my thoughts to your page, niechten time will be a time of peace and joy. Monika from Polish

  11. Yes Kim, that moon star purple sky was just beautiful!! Had to try to catch and share it :) It's fun thinking you were looking up at it miles away, too!xo

    Thank you Cat - you, too!! xox

    Well, that sure doesn't sound like fun Jasmine! we did get about 10 inches, but the roads were all cleared by the time we needed to venture out!
    a warm safe solstice to you - and your mum!

    thank you valerie, I wish you the same!

    Thanks Jay - it's a downed bird house! It's sitting on a table in our patio, not having been returned to it's tree perch yet :)

    Thank you Gina, a blessed solstice of joy and wellness to you!

    Thanks Svasti! Amen to that :) and may the peace and beauty of the solstice embrace your heart and mind.

    Thanks Robyn, they are a newish addition made from enameled metal, with sweet sounding hammered bells between each flag - hidden this summer, now highlighted on the bare branches! xxoo

    Many thanks Delphyne. Wishing you a joyous holiday and new year!!

    Thank you so much Manon! Your visits here always make me smile (and doubly so, because I picture you being neighbors with my sister, even though you don't know her, but you live by her!!) xox

    Hi Monika, welcome! and thank you for visiting and writing. Wishing you a peace filled, joyful holiday and look forward to visiting you now!

  12. The pictures are wonderful.

    Just sneaking my head from under the pillow to say I love you.

    Renee xoxox

  13. the bird house looks like a face to me...mouth open expectantly...perhaps it has something it is longing to say?

    the night shots are gorgeous karin.

    may the holidays bring you the peace and healing your sweet soul is longing for.


  14. awesome photos karin!
    thanks for sharing your beauty.

  15. SOLSTICE- here comes the sun and the flip flops!!

  16. Fabulous photos, Karin, to celebrate the winter solstice. Wishing you magical times ahead. x

  17. Solstice..Wonderful.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday seasons.
    You are in my thoughts often.

  18. beautiful photos and I'm looking forward to watching the video above... who doesn't need a bit of peace and silence.
    many hugs!


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