Saturday, August 22

The Scribe's Chair

I have been focusing solely on finishing my piece for the 10,000 People Project this past week. It is going to the Art House Coop in Atlanta. The idea is to get 10,000 people to all interpret one word - in this case, that word is CHAIR.

I decided to create a chair that I could incorporate scrolls of my asemic writing into.
It's made of branches that I've stripped and sanded, and joined together with little dowels
that I carved from wooden toothpicks. It's staying together well, just with tension, as I used no glue anywhere.
The chair itself is 20 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and 7 inches deep.
After I finished writing out all the scrolls and weaving the seat, I saturated the paper with beeswax, which I then ironed out, to give it a translucent look and to add body to the paper itself. There is writing on both sides of the scrolls, which shows through now, because of the waxing.
I'm pleased with the results and am ready to pack it up and ship it off - and it's a whole week before the deadline!
Here are a few more views as well as some details.


click on images for closer view


For scale purposes, as requested, here's the chair in my studio...


  1. So lovely...makes my imagination run with what kind of "scribe" sits in this special chair ? What does he/she look like ? Who is his/her master ? What is he/she transcribing...

    It is truly remarkable, this talent of yours, Miss Karin !

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this piece,Karin. I wonder about it's size. However, big or small, the entire concept is beautiful! And it must have taken some time to do all that writing.

  3. Oh K
    this is so excellent and's like seeing your past sculptural works coming back again (not that they've ever gone away!) but the work is sparkley new and fresh and so potent when combined with the ascemic marks...grand grand grand!!!!

  4. This is such a beautiful piece. Such detail and beauty.

  5. gorgeous!!! did you do all that writing??? my hand hurts just looking at it, but my heart soars:)
    love to you and what a great piece for the show... wow. wow!

  6. Oh my! this little chair is so amazing! Your writing is awesome! So wonderful the whole thing!

  7. You're amazing Karin! A real force of nature. The chair is fantastic, like all of your other work. :)

  8. Karin I look at this masterpiece and want to say something worthy of such brilliance but I'm just shaking my head in wonder. Love it, love it, love it! Really LOVE it!!! Well done!

  9. Karin, a truly wonderful and magical piece. And you made the doweling from toothpicks! Wonderful and wonder-filled.

    I too am wondering about the scale. Is there any possibility of you taking a photo with the chair beside something so that we can see scale?

  10. Très beau , très original !

  11. Of course I have never seen anything like it.

    Wow it is magnificent.

    Karin that is incredible.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. Hi Kim, the 48 year old glasses wearing bald kind?! ha ha!! Thank you my friend.

    Thanks Sonia, I do have the measurements up there in inches. In centimeters, it's approximately 50 cm H x 55.5 cm W x 17.5 D

    oh thanks you so much D, coming from someone who knows my older work intimately that means a lot. I do love working with elements of nature, but I'm not sure how/if the branches will show up again, but I loved making the scrolls and working the wax into the paper.

    thank you very much Katelen.

    Hey j, yes, I did all the writing - and on both sides of the paper, but I've been working on this for a number of weeks, slow and steady, so I didn't over do at any point. Plus, the asemic writing is something I do that seems to give my body more of a break, as long as the pen is new - I am able to hold it loosely and flow, undirected, uncontrolled, unlike specific word writing. It's interesting how it works! Glad you like it :)

    oh thank you Linda Sue!!

    Hi Svasti, wow, thank you. using elements of nature adds that extra *force*!

    Thank you Robyn!! that's often my response to your works of wonder!

    Thank you Zom - I'll do that, add a shot for scale purposes.

    Merci Jean!!

    Hey Renee, thank you. xox me

  13. this piece is inspirational..i just love it..

  14. LOVE this! It reminds me a bit of your older sculptures (late 80s/early 90s), when I first encountered your work.

    I once took a rustic furniture making class with John Mack and the first thing we had to do was create a mini-chair like this with found sticks and twigs. No glue. No nails. I loved that workshop.

    You're so creative, Karin.

  15. that is way cool. What a labour of love!

  16. Karin!
    I am just speechless, this is so beautiful and I adore not only the execution of the piece but also the concept! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! xo cat

  17. this is truly stunning, karin... i love the finish on the branches, the seat, and the scrolls (of course). i love how the rungs on the bottom are asymmetrical... i love it all. i want to touch it...


  18. How groovy is this chair. I love it.


  19. Oh my gosh! That is magnificent Karin, truly splendid! WOW! I envy how ideas come out of your head with such originality and artistry!

  20. wow! Karin this piece is stunning! I absolutely love it, trees and paper, really you can't get any more perfect! but seriously it really is amazing, lucky co-op!

  21. Thanks for posting the dimensions Karin. It is bigger than I had imagined. I love the photo of the chair on your desk. It is wild.

  22. Karin, this is wonderful !!!
    you never cease impress me !!!

    happy I met you :)

  23. Hello. Very interesting yout chair, I like it very much.

  24. Thank you Heather, I'm glad!

    Yup, definitely the branch element from my past here, on a mini scale :) thanks e.m.

    thank so much Whitney-Anne and Cat!

    hey Lynne, thanks - I wish you could touch it, too :)

    hi Ces, well thank you - I don't think you need to experience envy with all the magnificence that comes from your finger tips! ideas spin out of my head just like yours do!!

    thank you Deb - true, is there anything better than trees and paper - and now I'll add yummy scented beeswax to that mix, too :)

    Your welcome Zom. Yeah, i don't know why I took that whacky angled photo while I was working! but it is a fun look at it midway through the construction.

    hi Maria, thank you - me, too :)

    Hi GreatCartoons, thanks, I'm glad!

  25. I think that your husband should take a picture of you in a chair and underneath we will title it 'Genius sits here.'

    Love Renee xoxo

  26. This particular creation resonates a past life as a scribe with the determination to record valuable insights. This will to share loving energy transcends time and space.

  27. Add "brilliant creator of miniature chairs" to your long list of artistic gifts :-)

    The asemic writing blows me away.

    This is absolutely magical -- I see it sitting in a faerie forest.

  28. exquisite, creative perfection.

    love the comment back to Kim:)

  29. This is sensational...from conception to execution. So unique and compelling. Thank you for showing us the steps in the creation. I am so inspired, I have linked this post to the Inspiration Station on the sidebar of my blog!

  30. What a wonderful piece! I love the simplicity and the three scrolls coming off the back of the chair.

  31. Congrats on being the inspiration station! well deserved! Bravo!

  32. amazing! truly stunning.
    i've been listening to my cds, karin. thank you so much!

  33. Truly a work of art. I've now read that you didn't send it and I don't blame you - to never get it back would be very sad.


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